Try harder next time...


u guys need to try again execpt for that 1 guy, or else i’ll be kickin’ your asses tonight! 

Dude your clearly new hear but you can’t create a new topic just to show off something that’s not very amazing, and btw they don’t come to the forums

atlas I think you should leave it to the mods what posts are allowed and what posts aren’t allowed in the forums


however he is right that the chance those players have an account on here is very unlikely 

yes always leave it to the mods… give us some power for a change!!!(im grumpy because the break is over and school starts tomorrow)

gonna move this to the speaker’s corner section

Oh of course fii had to do I could have done that if was a mod you know…well I’m not!!!

ChickenNoodleSoup since you have done a lot of times, I think that open a topic posting only an image without any comment to explain why could be a little unfair…of course this is not concerned on your useless and vulgar comment after the pic…why do you open a topic for this? Why and what for do u post that pic? To say what? What u want to share/ask? How do u want to improve on/contribute for us? And so on…this is not a “wall” where hang pictures or write intimidations…this is a forum where we talk and learn from each other about RR2…  :grinning:

Thanks  :slight_smile:

Sorry dude, but you need to grow up! (Seriously)

Go post that stuff on you facebook.

Interesting … two of those guys including the 100% had solo runs at the base?

Same thought :wink:

Reported you  :stuck_out_tongue:

respect for young people!!!