Try my base and tell me what's wrong



For high level players (3500+) only…

I get raid 15 to 20 times a day and lost quite a bit of trophies. Try my base and tell me whats wrong with it.

id love too

ill be there shortly want me to write a response here or private message you?

Asian, at first look it doesn’t seem bad but quite good and it is similar to mine I have now!! :slight_smile:

Looks quite same like my base. This way- and building structure are same as my in past. I like it.

I went through your base just now with level 3 mummy , max pyro and level 5 cannon.Then I use level 10 heal , level 6 bladestorm and level 5 sonic blast.My king stats , I use gold boost items so only 7300 leadership , 10.3k HP and 900 for attack with blunt and ice damage.


Cost me one ressurection but thats coz I rush a bit and got caught by two ogre (my bad) had I be more careful it’ll be an easy raid (got 15 sec left) you offer 9 trophies and 482 medals which is very low for a 3700+ base.I usualy got 500-600 medals from 3600+ base.Your blockade are weak I think level 8/9 most of them ? Easy said that I can hit two with one bladestorm.


Only firebolt give me some problem  while for your wave , only ogre a threat.One wave full of froster is a bad idea since now Flare buff the hero scream.One in each wave would be better.I easily take down all skull and snake towers too.


So its mostly down to a bad wave composition and weak blockade.Btw I’m level 74 around 3400+ trophy range.

public comment is fine.


I have 7 blockades going to lvl 11 in 2 days, but the later blockades are still at lvl 8 :slightly_frowning_face:


The wave composition truely killing me a lot. Except the mummy, all monsters are at max lvl, but it doesnt seem to help. I have trouble setting it up at the death trap.


I am planning to replace the snake tower with skull tower, still struggling which is better.


Thx for the comments. I am happy to give u 100gems if I can.

The last snake tower actually almost kill me but thankfully I have heal spell ready , I think the snake towers are useful but need better placement and higher level.Theres area where only firebolt tower are placed which makes it easy for me as I can hit two/three of them without danger of running into snake’s poison.So a few snake tower around the firebolt helps slow down raiders.

no gems needed and your snake towers are great ill re run your base and edit this with all the info


alright your tower placement and path design are fine nothing crazy wrong with them tho a slightly improved in my minds layout is chatrapathi(ign) to consider


i would greatly consider leveling your snake towers before leveling your skull towers and since you have a snake right at the start most players rush from the start its a great way to cut their hp down right out the gate,


your 2 ogre waves are little threat without a supporting froster to increase the odd of hitting the play id limit one ogre per way to allow for some ranged support units

also your choke point with the 2 waves of ogres passing by eachother is working against you heavily as a well placed sword rain about kill all four of them making them useless by the time they came around.


also your wave consisting of i think 4 frosters was excessive and low damage for late in the base depending on the morale you have id try and arblaster and garg combo there to attempt to one shot some of the half dead kings


wave 3 your werewolf is still of little use at these higher levers due to most kings using 1 or even like me 2 items for frost damage is suggest dropping them down to mummys and useing the left over morale for a free archer with the wave even if it gets one shot a max level archer does over 600 damage



please consider all the advice you get your base is still strong but with a bit of work it can become alot tougher :wink: