TSC's Minions (rank 308, level 41)

TSC’s Minions is a mature, fast growing, chatty and active alliance which is looking for loyal members.

We all speak English even if we coma from different countries and continents.

Everybody is welcome to join us.


Requirements to join:

  • Friendly
  • 2500+ trophies
  • Alliance Tower level 8 (100k donation)


Internal rules:

  • Respect others
  • Participate in war
  • Donate daily
  • Be active in chat


We offer:

  • Off war: Knight, Ogre, barricades
  • During war: Knight, Ogre, barricades, wolf
  • 37% goldbonus



We don’t replace members if we find someone stronger than them. We only kick members after some warnings, due to their behaviour or because they are not active in war or donations


Participation in war and daily donations are important. Donations give boosts to our and boos out alliance level which makes us all stronger.


We hope some of you will contact us and fight with us next war

Together we are stronger