Turn Hero to Vampire lord Spell

I ve been thinking that we already have the flute spell that turns your pet into a primal beast, how about we get a spell that turns your hero for a limited time into a vampire lord that hypnotizes units and towers, stuns, impales, throws bats, curses, teleports, opens a dark portal that spawns units from hell, etc.

That would be really freaking cool.  It would have to have a longer duration to make it more fun to use.  Like 10 seconds.  Massive Life Drain and anything it kills raises from the dead and joins your side.  Also slows everything else down like Time Warp to make it feel like your hero is moving faster. 

This can be good but with Guardians offences are very powerful and they minimise the beast threats. 

King on Guardian is invincible , now king turning into beast mode will throw defence into chaos. 

I have to agree with that. But Flaregames could make the defence and offence (inclusive beasts) stronger and so you can‘t pass the enemys defence so easily than now. Then that spell make sence, because when you use a Guardian, the king don‘t use his power. That schouldn‘t be change by that spell. Then, I think, this spell would be very cool and good. 

This would be really freaking cool…but freaking OP. Offense is already pretty strong and this wouldn’t help things at all

Celestial Phoebe is OP but still I prefer fighting bases that have her because they r more challenging. So I guess OP is not always a bad thing, it separates the GREAT players from the rest. 

I m pretty sure FG will find a way to balance this spell. But wouldn’t it be epic to see your hero turn into a big vampire lord and have a beatdown with the enemy’s primal beast? something like a fight between gonzilla vs king kong or megazord vs dragonzord

Phoebe is only OP when boosted by a wolf. If there’s no wolf, Phoebe is very easy to defeat

While it would be epic to see my hero turn into a vampire or godzilla ( :lol:), it just doesn’t fit in an attack, plus we already have this type of feature (though not as powerful) in the guardians

Lol, I mean, okay, it’s fine that you say I’m wrong, but at least give an explanation

…so why is Phoebe a problem?

Primal Howl has a weakness to Blizzard. He should get destroyed by ice damage. Phoebe, doesn’t have any weaknesses, but archer’s take him down really quickly. If you have patience, it is very easy to beat Phoebe

Thanks for the tips!!! …how can I get gaspar??? …is blizzard really working??? (I m going to start upgrading it ASAP).

So far I was trying to kill C.Phoebe with swordrain, firestorm, hammerstrike and cannons and used the sledge as guardian (50/50 win chance)

I dont think I can do that

if I get close enough to push C.Phoebe away from the healing circle I wont be able to escape the armageddon spell and she ll instant kill me ?

I guess Gaspar is my only safe bet  …I hope I get him sometime in the future

I mass cannons too (max level and full blacksmith upgrade dmg) and on top of that I cast hammerstrike, swordrain, and firestorm (all maxed) and all these while I m on the sledge and also casting it 's blizz skill …still C.Phoebe kills all my units and heals at full health. Maybe it s because the C.Phoebes of these castles are high level.

I farm players Avs33  and   Niks72

can you please give em a try and tell me what is it that I m doing wrong??? 

…by the way, where s the healing coming from in the vid???

This spell looks broken for me, it would mean even more invincibility for the king…so no

Both base designs r pretty simple to kill for me, I use my fully upgraded firestorm spell to kill whatever barricades lightning and firetowers exist, and then I use my sledge’s blizz skill to kill all distant skull towers, then I kill whatever tower is left with hammerstrike. Swordrain takes care of ALL enemy units. Then C.Phoebe comes out and things get complicated. 

To win C.Phoebe my timing needs to be Perfect. I have to rush many cannons and monks at the U turn, while also summoning a new wave of canons to attack C.Phoebe when she enters the U turn from the opposite side and get her health down to 40% in 1-2 secs, then when she starts healing and casts the armagedon spell, I jump in with the sledge and throw all 3 spells and the sledge’s blizz skill … If she dies cool, if she doesnt I m toast.

I m level 92, maybe that s why I lose so much



Can u make a vid raiding the 2 bases I mentioned?

I also have had a tough time beating phoebe, the first time I faced it, she killed me  in 2-3 seconds flat, and I was like, “what the hell”, but then I learned to slowly beat it from my friends base and my own base, and now i have strong chance 70-30 to beat the OP beast, but my timing nowadays is going wrong, I used to have full health and go to phoebe alone, so that she armageddons and I only suffer or else my army would have been destroyed 

When she did that armageddon, i would use donkey, and push her into my army of monk, power archer, and storm canon, use toxic cloud for slowdown and do firestorm and sonic blast…

This killed her in seconds… but now I take a little time to push her into my army, and so when she reaches my army, she armageddons and my army is gone… lol now I use to avoid her till I get my timing perfect, but I agree, C. Phoebe is just too OP, there r other beasts too, when we see other bases, we should see those beasts also, but we see celestial phoebe only, it is becoming a phoebe-game…

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I really really like the idea of a spell to turn the king into another creature. That’s very interesting!
Unfortunately, defense is way too broken at the moment for such thing to be in the game.

But I would like to see what Flare could do with this idea in the future, after they fix the game balance and offense isn’t so much stronger than defense, like it is right now.