Turning into Shit !

 I just raided a castle and got 98% and then the internet connection signal got lost and when i checked i gained ZERO gold and LOST over 50 TROPHIES ! :angry:


This isn’t the first time this has happened ether. 


Making this game internet based was a big mistake !


1st. - Not everyone has the privilege of having internet


2nd -  If you plan on making a game internet based at least have a system where i don’t lose my Gold Trophies after a bad connection especially when i clearly won the battle !


3rd. , You guys could have just made the game where purchasing Gems would be online but not the battling


4th - You guys do nothing about the people exploiting the game by trophy stripping and gem ploughing 


5th - Your Gem value for offers from sponsors YOU guys choose is crap compared to what you charge for speeding up upgrading etc.


6th. Windows users complain they do not get free food 


Is there anything you guys are actually doing to benefit the players besides only thinking about how much money you make off us ?


From the looks of it, it seems there’s way more problems and nothing being done about it. 


You guys don’t consider the peoples time and effort so you allow cheaters to out rank fair player, You allow loss of gems and trophies on a lost connection. You allow some privileges for androids users but not to Windows, How does that sound ???


I think this game is turning in to total crap, but we’ll see.


I’m just venting what i see.



Almost everyone has Internet, bad connection has to be your fault not the games fault. The game doesn’t require super fast Internet I’ve tried it on slow speed and its manageable.

Offline game play rr1 lol the whole idea of raiding needs the Internet duh. IMHO I found this to be a little bit stupid. Sorry, how can you battle if players gold, bases and everything else changes erratically? Ill leave number alone.

Windows sucks… Tapjoy is region based people in the Us and euro are getting a lot.


Almost Everyone has internet is an assumption and by limiting it to only people with internet means limiting the audience, and even so connections vary from country so don’t even get me started. RR2 can be designed to where battling can be done with out internet it’s just a matter of whether or not they want to. Saying Windows sucks is again YOUR own opinion, just because you think Windows sucks doesn’t mean that mean that they should be limited in options. If the developers really cared then they can always find another sponsor that can support worldwide and not just region based. People in U.S are getting a lot is a lie i’m based in the U.S and i don’t see what your talking about. So stop making excuses for other people if you think the game is fine then so be it but quit with the assumptions.

Slow Speed Internet isn’t issue, problem lies on constant internet access.

Sometimes, even have very high speed internet, still problem with constant internet access.

Once you out of internet range or just on weaken internet signal area, problem occur.

This whole game revolves around the use of Internet to connect people. Again play RR1 if you would like an offline game since it will never happen for obvious reasons.

Windows suck - mobile. Too many restrictions then what? Devs can do much if they restrict a lot of things. Easy move platform

Yes us is getting thousands of gems from tapjoy been talking to a lot of Us players. Free players getting thousand of gems mostly insurance and those offers gives a lot.

Region based, even video ads. Pretty common sense with the market in the us. I know this for a fact, I’m not us based I’m getting shit video and shit tapjoy,

The thing is, if you battle offline to then give them the information at later time/date when you have a stable connection. Then that information has to be stored on your device. This is where the security flaw is because it can be hacked/changed/manipulated. In real time it’s harder to do.


The question is how much man power they have to:

Create new gameplay features

Maintain existing game.(lost accounts, game balancing/exploits)

Create brand new games


We have to remember their not EA or Activision, things are going to take time. I would appreciate a little interaction from them to see what their plans and thoughts are on certain subjects. But I think there scared of saying anything that is detrimental to their own company. After all. It’s all about the MULA. No money no wages no game.

Again Kipps, If your just going to talk bad about other people’s things that they like/support (LIKE MY WP8 AS WELL) then get out of the forms, you are not being a helpful member.

Offline things tend to be easily hacked using sinple programs. I used to change game stuff using jail broken phones. Just edit a few numerical codes. It was so easy.

Sorry if the truth hurts. Face the facts.

Then if it is not internet based,you can expect a ton of hackers.IT IS FAR MORE WORSE THEN ALL WHAT YOU SAID.Believe me.It is very hard to hack on online games you know?

So,imagine an idiot came into your post and said:“This post is stupid”.What will you feel?So,sometimes we should support people.

Majority of what he said are just personal preferrences which further ruins the game.

NOTE FOR DEVS -I am on WP, when I lose internet connection after I have won the battle, I do get the trophies medals and the loot. Same is with dungeon, if the game crashes or loses connection I get the reward when I log back in.


" Which further ruins the game " is you assuming, as if you would know that for sure. All you’re saying is that if people want a non- internet based game to just play RR1 which is dumb of you to even suggest, That’s like saying Why don’t i switch from a Galaxy s5 to a s4 now that’s common sense. If you don’t like what i said or don’t agree just say so. But don’t be suggesting things that don’t make sense. All your doing is trying to find excuses for the developers of the game. No matter what you say or think there will always be room for improvement in this game whether or not you like the suggestions.

It also happens to me, even when I have a good internet connection (is not the best but is good). I also have to deal with lagging. And according to flare it is because I’m using an old windows phone but when I told them that I was using Lumia 930 they said “sounds wear we will check on this” but still I have to play with lag,

Taking about food, there is one fact, flare can not implement the same service for windows users due to Microsoft politics. But there is another fact, flare can do many things to replace that lack options for windows users just putting them inside the game.

Lets say a daily bonus( each 24 hours players receive food, money, gems, etc)

More farms for windows users. En fin todas Las malditas ideas que les and dado en el pasado y que flare games sigue ignorando solo por que estas no le Dan Una estupida ganacia monetaria.

Everything was perfect before facebook free food system, all players use to had the same opportunities. But know… As the one who opened this topic said "if you want to something just do it, do not make excuses… .l.



its not dumb its common sense. its like saying all online games including pc games mmorpgs can be played offline. lol im saying i dont agree wast that obvious? you want offline? play an offline game duh? seriously haha internet based game to be forced offline? please use some common sense. offline loses all the point of the game and tends to be a lot more prone to hacking. its like saying make world of warcraft offline… funny


You have no idea about what you’re talking about let alone spell correctly. If they came out with RR3 it would be the same as RR2 just with maybe an upgrade or too then what would you say go back to RR2 ? Your the type of person who would buy a phone just for the hype even though it’s common marketing and sense that they would just release another upgraded version of it so that idiots like yourself can go out and buy it. Same goes with ALL games. We’re advanced enough now to make games that hard to hack and more advanced for their time but they will not release them YET they rather you wait so they have something to SELL to people like yourself after a year or two. So again quit making excuses for everybody. Just because you think it might take longer to create or the game can be hacked easily if it’s offline doesn’t mean they can not create one that isn’t prone to hacking if they really wanted to ! 

RR2 won’t be as fun if you play it offline , who do your raid then ? Its normal if you lost connection once in a while.I always face this problem although in my case I didn’t lose any trophies or gold (happen very often , internet sucks in Malaysia) as the data up to where you’ve raid are recorded and sent to the server , maybe you’re just unlucky.If you look at popular games like Football Manager , FIFA and even NFS these games sucks big time now , its totally broken and nobody even put the effort to fix it.I think thats not the case with Flare even when they ignores WP users’ for tapjoy and free food as they always try improving their game (although very slow) and have come up with some although not very successful solution for stripping and other exploits.Cost for speeding things up are normal , every games charge a high amount of premium currency for that.Why would you speed things up anyway ? Enjoy the game unless you plan on to challenge the top 10 of course , its optional not mandatory.


But Kipps , Windows doesn’t really sucks despite all the restriction.Been using WIndows/Nokia all my life and never thought about changing platform.

I know restrictions are for security. Because of this there are some limitations in some apps like this. With that in mind, it “sucks” compared to iOS and android.

Microsoft bought Nokia since Nokia already planned to stop making windows phone due to lack of app ecosystem…