turning troops to an enemy and back

While fighting I noticed interesting thing: one of my troops was converted to enemy by firebolt tower and then shielded by enemy viking. I could not managed to see what happened when it was converted back to friendly troop. Should it still be shielded or shield should disappear?

And in addition can infected friendly troops (green ones) be converted to enemy by firebolt? Actually I never noticed such event, but might be wrong.

Can developers provide answers?

Hi fishmonger,

the shield will stay on the unit, it is the same for negative effects (if a unit is burning and is turned, it will still have the burning dot).

All units in the offense can be confused by a pro boosted firebolt tower. The tower therefore also affects infected (green ghosts), black magic (purple ghosts) as well as spirit howl units (red ghosts) Shields applied by defense Vikings to confused offense units are carried over when the confuse duration elapses.

Thanks, more than clear