Turtlenecks & Tabards

I have a weird fashion sense. Where most people seem to loathe Turtlenecks, I really like them. :slight_smile:

Another thing I really love are Tabards. Having been a Blizzard gamer, playing World of Warcraft,

I always liked having my toon wear a tabard; and collect them from various events/challenges/achievements

I would like to see RR2 implement this small bit of eye candy,

they could make them purely ornamental; or make it so they give a stat boost to your King or Alliance

I only know to write bold

Would you say the suggestion is a pretty… bold one?

_I’d say it’s more of an…ITALICS suggestion _…I’m the best at lame jokes :wink:  

Anyway, to discuss about the suggestion, I feel like we could get a piece of equipment with a turtleneck on it…I have to say, it’d look hilarious. We could get a Modern Festival :wink: . The new equipment would be a suit and tie, and then a suitcase for a sword…hmmm, this is starting to sound like a pretty good idea  

Just beating people with a briefcase ?

Look out everyone, it’s the primal businessman! Legend has it his Lord and Taylor suit is specialized for blocking swords, arrows, liquid fire, several gallons of poison, liquid nitrogen, multiple hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity and Granny’s scolding!

The tie would be used as helmut