Turtles in Island's Sea

Well I was playing this ninja event and I got to see some new creatures in sea for the first time… They were Turtles.

I’ve never seen them before in ninja event but I think its a new update.

So now when you play the ninja event, Don’t forget to meet some of the Turtles.

Always been there  :stuck_out_tongue:

it seems like losing the connection gives you the opportunity to learn the information that is hidden for viewing)

some lol have too much time to lose for this kind of stuffs lol. Normally you do your raid and that’s it. Same when I play in solo no troops and take my time I don’t look the sea lol

I always see the turtles, @InfinitYash, but the main one I look at is the crab at the end of the battle, by the gate. Always there, and always moving sideways :stuck_out_tongue:  

? and ? party!!

They need to add Octopuses into the game

Add shark ? in the Ninja Event. So if one of your troop don’t do his job then you can push it in water and he can be eated by the shark. that will give a lesson to the others ?

No? ok maybe this one then.Why not add a tier call : NO MERCY

the kingdom have a problem of shark and the King must solve this. So he tell to the population of the kingdom to kill the most shark

So in the new tier. With the help of the Ninja you will kill shark. 15 Ninja Coin point for each shark kill. Over 30 islands and 3 minutes each. the total will determinate who will be Rank 1,2,3 and so on…

Everyone can join :slight_smile: