Twisted Trickster Conquest Gargoyle Boost is too strong!

Even if you aren’t in a 120 fiefdom alliance, the Gargoyle towers spawn 3x Gargoyles and then another 6 from those 3 for a total of 9 Gargoyles/Tower/Spawn (120 fiefdoms alliances get a total of 12 Gargoyles/Tower/Spawn)

A 10,500 damage Blizzard barely scratches the Gargoyle towers, and Heal Towers can regenerate them faster than you can take them down.

I am raiding 5.5k trophy bases and the Gargoyles are out of control.



1). Maybe a larger blizzard weakness or

2). slower spawn times or

3). the tricksters each have only 50% of the damage of the original Gargoyle or

4). maybe others can think of better solutions?



I agree, when facing too many Gargoyle Towers with this boost, it makes it extremely difficult to take down. For one thing, the gargoyles are getting rid of all your troops and for another, as Bobo said, the Blizzard doesn’t do as much damage as it needs to, in order for the towers to go down. Totally agree here. I think your #1 and #2 suggestions to fix this problem are the two that I agree with 

this boost is more a pain for low and medium player because the majority don’t have the power to deal with this and die. Conquest boost are a little too much OP

Guess I would also like to see Flare increase their damage and reduce their quantity.

So after they are killed they would spawn only 1 more Gargoyle instead of 2

This boost can sometimes make the game laggy with so many units spawning, kinda like Surprise Mummy used to do 


Considering how rare they are, I say it’s about just right. I mean, you got to win BOTH gargoyles war AND conquest to get them. Let those rich alliances have some strong boosts while the rest of us enjoy the increased difficulty as a gamer (or, you know, you can just skip alliances with double boosted gargoyle tower altogether)

Every single base I am offered to raid has the double boost, it is not rare. Additionally, it is strange that the original gargoyle is actually weaker than the combined strength of the two gargoyles that spawn from it.

They are pretty easy to counter with insta monks actually. The only thing that can’t be countered is the fact that they cause a mini screen shake every time they explode which in turn makes multi touch issue even worse.