Twitch Streaming Support

Can you please add stream game support on Twitch

i am a new player and play a lot …so wanted to steam Royal revolt 2 on Twitch for fun but getting error while selecting the game on twitch

can you please fix it soon… 

thank you





Thank you for your suggestion we will discuss the possibility of it for a future version :slight_smile:

If you have an Android, you can record screens whenever you want given you have a good phone

There is a difference between make just video and post it on Youtube or Dailymotion,etc… You confuse 2 thing here. He have make a little mistake using the term steam is not the same but he wanted to say broadcast. Twitch is a website for Broadcasting video. If you prefer Livestream. Record video in direct when he play

I know what twitch is and I’m aware he wanted to stream (and yes, he meant streaming because that’s what twitch is) I was giving a potential workaround as I assume twitch allows you to upload already made videos

You Confuse all the term. You know what stream mean? with the answer you give I don’t think so. Streaming means put video on a website who use video player to allow people to watch video. Like you prefered TV Show or your prefered cartoon or whatever. Streaming means upload and watch video who are not live like a streaming of a movie. That means when someone record video like me I do streaming video because Its not live when I do it. 

No he wanted to say Broadcast RR2 look the screenshot carefully and you will see the word : Broadcast Language and for your information no Twitch don’t do streaming but live streaming its far the same thing. Look the description in Wikipedia on google. Here a little quote from Google : ‘’ Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform’’

to allow you to understand this topic SilverfirePro have encounter a issue who don’t allow him to do broadcast of RR2 like in the screenshot in red who said : the game is not supported

So he ask for Flothaboss or Flare to fix this issue to allow him to do Live streaming (Broadcasting) on Twitch. That means when he play RR2 you can watch him in direct play RR2.

to be back to topic its a good thing honestly. I hope Flare will fix this issue. I am interested to see SilverfirePro in action. Can help many of RR2 player. its a great news to see someone do Live streaming. I wanted to do it but I am far to have the internet to do it. Well lol you need 10 Mbps in upload and I have maybe 0.50 Mbps lol





Hey all,

Just a quick message to inform you that Royal Revolt 2 can now be selected on This should make it easier for content creators and other players to surface & to find RR2 live streams.

  • Nikko

Great news thank you :slight_smile: