Two accounts on one device

My phone crashed just right as the war is starting tomorrow. I just want to ask how I can integrate my account into my brother’s phone so that I can still participate during the war?

Note: He has his own OR account on his device.

Thank you to those who might help.

The best way… sign out from the game and add ur email account so u both can enter the game in separate time…

I have tried but his account keeps opening and I can’t open mine even if I use my email address to sign in to Google Play.

u use android or IOS ?
Because I’m using Android and i can enter email as many as i want… 
Even if u use iPhone should be a way to enter new email.


Android. Are you talking about the email inside the game? With the Google Play button next to the Forum?

Inside the game… got to Option >> sign out >> Type ur second email…

Yes I did that. But his account is still the one inside the game.

So I am level 79 and he is level 33. His level 33 account is inside the game. I signed him out and I put in my email. Then after that, his level 33 account is still the one being used even after I put my email.

Try changing your game center, may be that. Or restore the backup of your device on another device and it should have the game with the right account on it

How do you I change the game center?

Ipad Settins-Game Center


I am using Android. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for the help Infamous, I hope someone knows how to do it on Android. 

Help, anyone?

I can play my acount my son’s account on my android phone as well as his android tablet. Simply i go to settings, i log out and chose the email which is linked to account that i want. That is all but it seems you tried this way but did not work ???

@Hellslord You just simply go vice versa between the two accounts and the game updates itself? Say for example, the level 80 account will be replaced by the level 100 account by switching the e-mails? Just like that? That’s what I did and nothing. :’(

Yes. I have many accounts attached and i can choose and play which i

choose. Are yours all gmail accounts? (Noone has a problem like you mentioned before)


Hi @Hellslord thanks to you I too now can manage my two accounts on my phone. :stuck_out_tongue: