Two New Towers

Two New Towers I thought of…

I don’t like the skull tower or the bomb tower because unlike all other towers they never really hurt the hero.  Since he so easily kicks all the bombs back.  So ultimately the hero really doesn’t take that much blunt damage particularly again cause it’s so easy to dodge and ogre.

So I thought there should be a sonic blast tower!

And then I just had the second great idea of a stun tower, some freaky Frankenstein looking lighting tower.

stunning tower look insane if applied it will be awesome 

Yes and no, a max skull tower throw out more bombs than a skull tower low level and it makes difficult for the king throw back all bombs, if you place some substantial skull towers to create an effective chokepoint, they make the life very tough for the king because some skull towers which are in the opposite line (which cannot be hitted directly, but only by range units) can take your units down easily and you can remain alone in a panic situation (for example if they kill all your units in a middle of the path, you maybe remain alone and maybe some opposite units that are coming, will kill you). So i won’t say that are easily to destroy, but you have to pay attention to them yes. More over Elite Range Bomber can make your king a real challenge if the opposite players have lot of them. You have to throw back continuously all bombs plus the bombs of skull towers. So not a walk  :grinning:

Btw, the king actually CAN die from a skull tower… the explosion damage radius of a skull bomb is larger than the king’s throw-back radius. 

And, as oPelle already said, a high lvl skull tower really throws a LOT of bombs, in rapid succession… hard to impossible to kick back every single bomb, especially if several skull towers fire simultaneously. 

And most important, skull towers were never meant to do much damage to the king. Rather they were created for wiping out whole armies in a matter of seconds, leaving the king lonely and vulnerable… 

Also, bomb towers (especially with long range boost) throw their bombs quite far, and within a busy situation it can still be very hard to kick back all the bombs, and also you might not even notice them at all when there’s going on too much on the screen (other towers firing, hostile wave troops attacking you, you need to concentrate on right spell timing and spawning troops, …). 


Anyway, having said that, a stun tower might be interesting… though, I’m not sure how effective it would be (due to hero scream / wolf howl!), and also there’s already mummies, stunning ogres and various slowing down units (e.g. frost trap, froster, boosted arblaster, ice tower), so another tower with stun ability might be a bit redundant maybe? 


Not sure what you mean with sonic blast tower?