two second places


Dont you think that in a situation of equal result, should be the first two places?

Opsss … ?
They make fun of the players.
So, if nobody fought, then everyone would have a fourth place?

Of course not, otherwise 4 teams will just work together to get all 1st place with maximum rewards.

hmmm … why would anyone want to cooperate so that the alien alliance would have free boosts? After all, you can later find such an alliance in the war season. I do not think it’s about that …

It’s very common for two alliances to cooperate so they don’t spend too much gems trying to attack each other.


If it’s possible for all 4 alliances to get 1st, then all 4 can cooperate to not fight each other so none would have to spend on gems to raid each other. The amount of gold needed to spend on tech and towers can also be minimized since all 4 alliances just need to have the same score that meets the minimum requirement for chests and tent.


Plus, usually if there’s two strong teams in a map, both may want 1st, making deal making a difficult thing to achieve. If what you ask for is implemented, then these 2 strong teams have no more reason to fight each other. They’ll just team up to crush the other two while they both get 1st together.