Two suggestions for testing defense.

Hey so I would really be happy if an overview mode could be selected so that while my hero is on auto play through my defense I can see how my nyx/fire well towers are doing. I don’t believe it should be a view option while attacking others though.

I would like to see a lock ability on the defense layout you want selected so that you can test and improve on the other maps and not be hit while all your towers are off roads because you are trying to do better. 


Yes we need a Lock button for those layouts ?

According to CaptainMorgan, as long as you don’t leave/disconnect the game, the layouts aren’t updated:


Guess people leave a lot because during war I usually get 2-3 people with a defense down for a little bit (30mins or so).   Also I lose trophies/gain gems and it won’t show up on my other defense layouts.  

The link I posted above is a solution, but ofc I prefer your lock ability suggestion.

Me too I lose trophies/gain gems and it sometimes doesn’t show in the battle log, but it’s very rare though.

I probably fiddle with my layout more than I attack people maybe that’s why I notice it more.