Two things I hate most in RR2

I never thought I would complain - as I like almost everything about RR2. Yet today is my day to complain 
about two things in RR2 I just hate. These things does not occur often, but when they do occur it seems to
disrupt my whole week. My frustration is all about the side effects of the current war matching algorithm where
the amount of fiefdoms deter-main who your opponents will be next. The more fiefdoms you have, the harder the
next war is going to be. In order to compensate for this mechanic many things are done - like loosing on purpose
to get an easier match next war.    

:angry: The thing I hate 2nd most is when the leader of my alliance decides ( in mid-war ) that 3rd place is good enough and 
that we need to stop attacking to loose a tile (fiefdom). This is done to ensure an easier war next time. (I would
rather not fight at all for the whole war than to hear mid-war: “stop fighting”. I also do not mind loosing against stronger alliances)

:angry: The thing I hate the most is when the leader of my alliance decides not to attack (especially when it is impossible to win). I just
can not except this behavior and have quit every alliance where this has happened to me.


  • For me it is about trying to do my best always: I will never turn from a fight even if winning is impossible when it is the right thing to do.  

  • When my leader ask me not to fight else we will have a hell of a war next round - I would say I am not scared of hell - lets go full out!

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It’s a Strategy game. So I cannot comment what is right or wrong until you meet the set objectives.

BTW, you are not crazy or wrong. You said what you felt correct, no harm in doing that. s0826.gif



What is your IGN OilFire?

Sounds like your Alliance is not right for you.

I do not like that strategy either and would never tell anybody to “stop fighting”.  :grinning:

This War, we had to pay a price for gaining too many Fiefs, but you never know what happens, so every other Strategy yes - but always to the last Bread.  :slight_smile:

I hate alliance that demand members to open CoF in easy war.Wtf ?

I see nothing wrong in the strategy. If the alliance loses the next season, some players will leave. It is tough for the leader. Being a leader of any alliance is very tough and it demands too much time. Believe me when I say that because even I was a leader too and I quit to enjoy the game. Most of the alliances do 3 or 4 rounds each war.

But if the leader decides not to declare war just because the opponents are tough and there’s no chance to win, then it’s completely wrong.

Never give up till a season ends, sure I may cut down some boosts if it is known that it is wiser to save funds. Once, we were almost down and out and reduced to 1 fiefdom on Day 1 itself. But we managed to survive till the last day although we finished 5th with -3 fiefdoms. Had a chance of getting 3rd but it was hard. One more instance where we had almost lost the season but we got 3rd. Yes, it is bad to just give up mid-war. One thing, carrying extra fiefdoms is bad. So to lose, we declare war let all members fight and then later among the generals and the ones ready  to leave and rejoin so that you can have all the chests at the same time lose. Never ‘KICK’ without the person’s approval, this is done among the generals. Never give up even if you are up against a stronger alliance. Once had to fight a way stronger team, shielded the ones who might get attacked insanely. So you can never give up. We actually ended up winning with a champ. Yes, if I would be in your place, I would have been irritated for not attacking just because the opposition was superior.

Fii Nami I think this is surly the most hateful thing to demand opening of CoF in any war. To demand opening it in easy war is unthinkable. 

I believe a person can grow through painful experiences when you are willing for change. I had to consider Mr. Spocks advise from Star Trek - “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the need of the one.” In wartime it is essential to trust your leader. Yesterday was a growing experience for me. I am not mad any more.  :slight_smile:

I also enjoyed all responses - this is a great community.