Two Week Cool Down Period Before Leaving and Joining Guildsu

In addition to the new dungeons I asked for in an earlier post.i think Flare needs to add a built in safeguard against guild jumpers.I think once a player joins a guild he shouldn’t have the option of being able to leave a guild for two weeks at the least and when he leaves a guild he shouldn’t have the option of being able to join another guild for at least another week.This would discourage guild jumpers and force all the free loaders to contribute and stick to a guild. I spend good money to be able to participate in wars and keep a decent standing for gems in regular tounaments simultaneously.I donate decent sums of in game gold to open slots to add guild members.When I do those things I expect those slots to be filled with peoductive people in exchange for all that patience,work and money.Its bad enough the game is pay to play and then pay to win.We don’t need our fellow players free loading and gouging us too.Flare Games is doing a good enough job of that on their own without the jumpers help

I agree with you totally, jumpers are a real pain just makes more work for

Leaders and generals having to continually send out invites.

7 days is too long, players will be scared in joining an alliance. 24h sounds reasonable

Then what would they learn.They need to be made to sit out the entier next war season and go a week or two without free boosts.I bet the next guld they join they will think twice about not contributing and jumping ship. After they lose 250 trophies get raided to death and finish 10th in tournaments for almost two weeksThey might wanna consider finding a home and staying there for the long haul.


Then people will create their own alliance, they will be scared to move and will never do so. 

If I see 7 whole days cooldown before leaving and another 7 days before joining, I will not join another alliance unless the leader is my friend that I know in real life. I don’t want to be trapped half a month by some bad alliance. 

I am not sure of a good time frame but a cool down does sound like a great idea. Post your idea here and I will add to the list:

Alliances should be able to tag jumpers with ‘bad rep points’ if they leave before 3 days or during a war season. If a guy gets 3 bad rep points in two weeks, they are stuck out of an alliance for 7 days once they leave an alliance again. They’ll get warning messages, too. 


These rep points should be visible to other players and they should expire every two weeks. That should be more than enough time for players to find a good alliance to join. 

A hard cooldown time for joining or leaving alliances in general?

I’m definitely against that.

And I’m a loyal alliance member, everyone who knows me knows that. 


Also, if you take it to the extreme with a 14d leave cooldown… well, if some member goes inactive after 7 days and then it takes another 7 days before he can leave… doesn’t seem a good solution to me. Also, if the cooldown doesn’t apply to kicking, but does apply to leaving, then it’s bad as well, as it just allows hire and fire at will while members are losing any freedom… when you know you can be kicked any time for any or none reason, and that loyalty towards a member is not cared about at all, but you can’t leave if you want to, nor can you join any other alliance, that’s a horrible system. 

And if the cooldown does apply to kicking, imagine one member doesn’t participate in war, doesn’t donate, and opens his base for two full seasons - absolutely terrible!! 


Some more reasons against a fixed time limit: 

  • You might want to temporarily leave when you’re on vacation, e.g. to avoid being a 0-donation, 0-skull-spot that looses a high amount of skulls during a war. 

  • You might want to share your gold with some alliance member, or help out someone by using a few scrolls on your alliance member’s base when he is a few gems short of buying a good item/package/whatever. 

  • You might want to check things like “how strong is some alliance member’s base rated (medals, trophies shown)?” for better comparison. 

  • You might want to visit another alliance for a couple of hours, for saying hi to old friends, helping out with donation or just discussion issues or strategies with the game. 

  • You might just not be forced to be member of a particular alliance - after all, loyalty is nothing you can enforce. If someone is forced to stay for a week or two when some major trouble (e.g. heavy arguments with leader/other members, …) has happened, especially if it was not that members’ fault, then that is just bad. 

  • You might just want to quit the game. 




Some kind of reputation system seems more plausible.

Anyway, if a reputation system then only in a way where both each player and each alliance has some sort of reputation value that is publicly visible, but does not directly prohibit any actions.

I mean, if you see some applicant has -10 reputation, you might not want to let him join, but if you wanted to for whatever reason, it should be possible. On the same thought, you might not want to join an alliance with bad reputation, but if you decide this one is better than none, or only want to visit for talking to them, it should be possible to join. 


But again, such a system might cause more trouble than it solves depending on how it works - e.g. does it account for things like visiting another alliance (when all parties know it in advance / agree on it), looking up some alliance member’s stats for them, sharing gold, etc… 


Also, it’s not just about leaving or joining, but also about engagement in wars, doing your donations regularly (or potentially even do an extra donation), about mutual help and tips and improving each other’s bases, chatting, etc etc… so just tying reputation or punishments to join/leave alone is going far too short… 

I think it is a wonderful idea to try to discourage jumpers.  I like the point system better than the banned from joining another alliance for 7 days.  Points shouldn’t be automatically applied if someone leaves an alliance, they should only be assigned by Leaders and Generals of the alliance they left, and only one point can be given by an alliance (not one point for each leader and general who tries to assign one).  This allows for visiting and leaving your own alliance and rejoining as you won’t get any bad points from those alliances.


About banning a player from leaving an alliance, if a player can’t leave an alliance, that isn’t good for anyone.  Let’s say someone joined an alliance but then found out that they don’t speak the same language.  Being forced to stay there is not a good idea.  It means someone will be unhappy and that is bad for the game overall.  And just because that person leaves, doesn’t mean they are a jumper.  I think the first one or two points shouldn’t be visible, but if a player gets more than that in a few days, then they show up.  An alliance can choose whether or not to accept a player with lots of points. 


I did like the idea of eventually imposing an in-game penalty for too many points.  Let’s say a person gets 10 points in 3 days, then they can’t join another alliance for 2 days.


I think this is a good balance for all the ideas listed.