Typo found in new festival

This is not an obstacle skin… Rather this is a tower skin. 

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In terms of obstacles I would expect group of objects that actually block you, something that prevents you to go on, until you destroy them.

Barricades and blockades belong to that subcategory, towers however definitely don’t. Towers you can divide in subcategories if you want (ranged and non ranged for example). Point of view of course determines categories, subcategories and so on. Another term for that is hierarchy.

Arrow tower falls under the category towers. 

To make it more specific, jester boxes, spikes,  belong to non obstacles subcategory and both non obstacle and obstacles subcategory belong to category non tower objects. 

Both categories (towers and non towers) fall under category defensive objects. 

That’s how you build a logical hierarchy in data warehouses, in case there would be anyone interested in. 

  • Defensive structures / objects (object is a term to generic)
    • Towers
      • Ranged
      • Non ranged
    • Non Towers
      • obstacles/blockades (no damage dealing)
        • barricade
        • blockade
      • non obstacles  (damage dealing)
        • jester box
        • spike

Not that it’s important, but I agree with @KamakshyaP

I’m sorry, but I have to also agree with @KamakshyaP on this one.

Obstacles are things which impair the hero movement in some way.

Towers definetly do not belong in that category.

Are you telling me that this category on the Wikia is wrong?


Because I think it’s currently right as it is  :slightly_frowning_face:

PS: I just found relevant to ask about this “categorization” of towers vs obstacles. I’m completely fine with the cosmetic bug, it’s a really minor thing after all.

Hey, that was the answer from the devs, but just seen as a more broader general approach. Yes, in the game it is distinguished between towers and obstacles. You are correct, but I don’t think we will adjust it though in the near future ? But I will point it out once more.

Thanks for the concern.

Maybe with the upcoming Anubis skin, Werewolves will be able to jump over Towers!?  :wink:

At your base on the left, clicking on them reveals the pictures attached here.


I’m surprised the developers gave such answers as if they were not wrong. They forgot the terms they coined themselves?