UBER BOOSTS! The new tier of alliance boosts!

Make us a additional set of boosts that are even stronger!


But must cost gems to keep activated! It will be a very many fun! :wink:

Where is the “Dislike This” button…

Why so mean :slightly_frowning_face:


It would offer alot more diversity and a new fun way to spend gems!

Everybody happy :slight_smile:

Flares happy*

Macamus’ post are getting worse everytime, this is when I want a big Dislike button on this thing.

But also, by the way, I notice that he just wants to troll…

“Put 'em in da bathroom.”

“I don’t want his money touching my money.”

I really think you guys could have said what you guys said a little nicer, but anyways: 


I do think that, since we are talking about UBER boosts that cost gems, these boosts must be extra powerful? And since they are extra powerful, they cost extra gems, too? But what this means is that the paying players will be the most powerful in the game. Therefore, IMO if UBER boosts are to be added to the game, the buying gems feature must be REMOVED, thus making the most active players the recipients of UBER boosts, not just the richest and/or the spendthrifts. Anybody agree with me on this one?



Oh and if you guys really want a “dislike” button, I’ll tell you where to find it - click the “like” button, and va-daa! There it is!  :wink:

Thank you pyro :slight_smile:


I am just trying to give good ideas to flare. What players mean doesnt mean so much hehe


I honestly, don’t think Macamus is serious.

Then you guys shouldn’t have been so serious (or maybe sarcastic?) in your replies. If they are joking, what’s wrong with joking along with them?


I quoted A Bronx Tale:



How is that serious?

I wasn’t necessarily speaking to you, Maerique :grinning:

Macamus isn’t serious and he actually doesn’t want to give Flares good ideas, because this one is terrible :slight_smile:

A good idea to flare is you paying more gems :slight_smile: