Uber chest event - Higher chance of unique items?

Does the current uber chest event have a higher chance of unique items than usual?


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dream on adju lol

there are not bad at all for me there are super cool and strong items

I got a helmet 4,200 Leadership with 24.5% scream and 16.9% XP Boost and I got Boot who give 1500 leadership with 24.5 scream. I got a cape 3,345 leadership 1050 leadership bonus with 12.5% farmer and a super pauldron 2,700 HP with 15.6% Gold and 1,100 Hero HP

After just 2 Ninja Event I got really super strong items. I can’t wait to see what next I gonna have in the next Uber Chest in the 4rd Ninja Event

For me no doubt Uber chest in Ninja event are better than Uber Chest in daily but I cannot said if the other via Friend code or Gems are better or worst

Edit : Oh you talk about Granny Uber Event ah ok nevermind just forget about what I have said lol

From my experience so far, theres no higher unique chance.All 60 gears, melted.

I got 81 pearls as Uber item and in the next CoF 96 pearls…a joke.

I have decided against the usual Uber Chest packs as it is a pure luck dished out. I can rather play the ninja event and get some chests.

Enjoying the game till it lasts.

No. When uber days and granny were combined, they removed the higher chancchance of unique items and social uber chest. Granny till date remains the worst liability. Nothing useful except little pearls.

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There is one useful thing - hero slots is now 200 gems (60% cheaper).  :slight_smile:

Got some interesting unique ones like the Ham sword and the Floriet sword. I have also kept a few capes, rings and belts that either have high leadership or scream so I can try to smith them to uber and see if I can get a high skull perk, but I’m not having much luck.

I’ve mentioned this to my alliance members, that the 10 uber-pack that is supposed to give you more unique items, to be not that special. So far, the number of unique items I’ve gotten from the 10-pack is the same as the discounted 5-packs I normal get.

This is precisely why I have stopped investing in uber packs. Free one is ok, but a complete mess. Paid ones have no guarantee that it will be good.

If you have to buy, buy pack of 10 at a discount.

Even then you might not get good items. It’s just not worth. Probably good if you do not have high-level items, but once you have them then it’s meltable items.


Have you bought a pack of 10?

That offer is decent with the discount. There you have chance to get unique items, no guarantee but still worth if you want to buy them.

Yes, once during uber days. As I said, once in a while it’s good. But not good to repeatedly take it. As the chance of having great items diminishes.

Good for 1-2 times, but not on a regular basis.


Agree. Also it is not to be bought on regular basis for free players. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is best with discount, or else not worth. It would be worth to scroll and spend on cof to get uber chest from ninja event.

It is granny event, not uber one + there was nothing mentioned about higher chances of getting unique item so I’m pretty sure that’s not the deal of  this current event.

The discount and anyway the pack of 10 offers unique items. Flare has dumped higher chance of unique items by combining uber and granny event.

The discount for higher pack of uber chest is included, indeed, but in the official annoucments there is nothing mentioned about even more higher chances of getting unique items (this happens during uber event) + it’s not granny event combined with uber event - if it was uber event we would also get uber chests for buying the biggest gem pack etc. So I would say it is a full granny event with some aspects of uber event (in this case only discount on uber chests, nothing more).

You are right. Basically Flare dumped the higher chance for unique items. So we would only get uber granny from now on.