Uber Chest free once a week for free players

I guess there have been some good things coming up with the latest update.

Though, many will disagree on the skull perk. Insta troops are good for offense but bad for defense, especially if the king manages to run forward to the gate (doom gate) and spawns his troops, that will be it. 

But I was more interested in talking about the UBER CHEST.

FG could have made the 600 gems Uber Chest free for all players once in a week. That means on the 7th day, the player gets his login rewards and a free uber chest, which he can accumulate and use later.

Apart from that, it is to be appreciated that the wave management is good and player and alliance search is wonderful.  Also, appreciate the move towards reduction in time by watching videos, although the time could have been reduced in general for all upgrades.





I would put uber chests on the monthly map, a nice suggestion. Replace one of the weekly chests by an uber chest, at least free players also have chances to get uber items with unique statistics for free, without the need of spamming complete friend list on facebook or elsewhere with friend codes in the hope that one person will enter that code.

This is a good proposal. We will do it in one of the next server updates.

Wonderful suggestion JanKF. Thumbs up for this one :sunglasses: .

Appreciate the quick response.  :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jack (as always) for modifying and making it more meaningful for all. Hopefully, those who say that we (G&M) always complain understand that we only want the best for all, to compete and to love a game we desire to be no.1.  

Good thing this can be adressed, but the real important stuff get’s ignored :slight_smile:

Let’s keep on trying, hopefully, things will change. As they say “to succeed, we don’t have to be different, we do things differently”. 

Maybe one of us (players) might be able to make the heads turn at FG.

My suggestion: The we can get the “Uber chests” during the Warseason.

The earlier the better. 

Haha! Yesterday ranting like hell and today begging for the chests :stuck_out_tongue:

But I second the request, that also could be a good incentive for people to do more fights.

If so, please put them somewhere, where we actually can get them.
I rarely get a legendary chest in the current system, because we simply
don’t have enough fights per war. With only one attack per day you have
to be lucky to get attacked once every day on average. That’s 10 battles
for the season and by far not enough to reach uber chests, if they are
placed above the legendary ones.

Nice, an1l75 just gave flare an idea on how to put a band-aid on many bleed to death protesters  :lol: flare soon will be “forgiven” and those protesters will move on sooner than expected, all thanks to an1l75 

An idea just crossed my mind, why not give an event (i think permanent feature instead of only an event would shut down all the protesters in other thread) where you can forge a legendary chest into uber chest too? @JanKF

You say something productive for once. Good idea.

I always say something productive, it’s not my fault that the whiners tend to have selective reading, i hope this time it could ease all the crying out there, don’t forget to tell this possibility to your friends…  :grinning:

The uber chest, which was asked for was in the daily log in. So probably after the 7 d, we get an uber chest instead of legendary item/ gem chest. 

An at least did a positive suggestion. Are you trying to blame her for that? Better be glad that she is trying to help and comes up with possible solutions.

On the contrary, i’m totally on board with her idea. Her idea trigger my idea and i hope both can be implemented so the protesters in another thread can forgive flare and move on sooner, just as usual  ^_^

JanKF just announced that they will be giving free uber chests. Hope the war ones are not after the legendary chest, that’s almost impossible to reach?  :slight_smile: