Uber Chest Give Two Uber Items

Its a new feature in 2.6.10? Now Uber Chest gonna give two uber items? I just finish the island who give a Uber Chest and got a Cape 4,200 leadership, Shield Spell damage with 1,138 HP and my surprise when I got too a uber ring 20,4% XP Boost + 14.1% XP Boost

Somebody have got two Uber items in Uber chest?

i get two or even 3 items but only when i buy the expensive packege of ubers. the free ubers only one or in sale too only one uber.

I also have gotten 3 in one .


I have got 2 earlier, not now. That is a coincidence.

Yep, me too

I even got 4 out 5 uber items in an uber chest so it’s normal that sometimes, all of sudden, you’re bombed by all uber items.

And they compensate for that by not giving me ANY uber items. Just uber pearls. Yay. :angry:

Usually the uber chests are great melting material for me.

Ok thanks for the answer :slight_smile: you can close this topic