uber chest opening?

if you want to open the uber chest please contact me with friend request and give me the code and a gem and you will get yoir uber chest try it.

you will get your chest! 100% guarantee ign elichiro oda

give me a friend request for the code not here

You have a good deal, raid your base, scroll & share code. Uber chest for approx. 10 gems. :lol: 

I wouldn’t spend even a precious gem on that uber chest. It is good if it is free. Anyways, 1000s of fake ids were created because of this chest.

so you like to spend 300 gems. Only 10 gems. If someone want ok if not no problem

Lol, I don’t even spend a single gem on those chests, I only collect it from daily rewards or when someone helps me unlock it.

Still, Good Luck, you might earn something in return. I still advise, its better you win leagues to earn gems.

Well a good deal? But i stopped spending gems on those chests.

Not at all worth anymore,moreover we have got what we need so flare stopped giving us more i think?

Atleast they sholud provide new items for those who spend gems ? 

Im getting same items all the time?

Be cautios with making this public eroe. Flares will not like it.

It’s Sunday now, but tomorrow, if they see this thread, they may ban you. Safer to post these issues on fb.

Sorry flare from now i won’t use this strategy please don’t ban me  :unsure:


BMW… Good.

Don’t worry, if they ban you, then flare should ban the entire rr2 players. All players utilize this strategy in some way.