Uber Chest

i bought 5 uberchests earlier (5 chests for 1500 diamonds), I had 4 chests open, then I had to go to the kitchen for a moment. When I came back, the connection was disconnected and the chest was gone. Is there a chance to get the chest back?

If you had inventory space the items will have gone there, or pearls /gems collected for you.
other than that you could try support, but imagine you will not get anything as its not a bug / just mistake on your part

probably not worth your time or theirs, and take it as lesson learnt.

After the first login today, the offer appears again,but something gone wrong.When i push the button,you hear the typicall buy sound and the offer appears again

maybe something wrong with your connection, your wifi signal looks pretty bad.

And so does the GSM-Signal. gg

Hello, @MrKingsley! If you’d like to talk about this issue with Support, please use this link: https://fgurl.net/help_me We’re always ready to help however we can. :slight_smile:

Not on weekends. Or holidays.