Uber Chest

A lot of people think the Uber chest are a waste of gems. I don’t feel this way. Sure the items are not as good as when they 1st came out. Out of 5 chest I may get 1 good item that I will replace current equipment. But the best part of the Uber is the value of the items. The chest on sale cost 1500 for 5 and will almost fill the treasure chamber if you sale all items. Uber chest don’t have a time limit like other chest so you can have 15million on standby for events. Gold cost over 2500 gems to fill chamber. So a good deal if you want to make use of a event.

Lol, William, this reminds me of an old thread by Evelthon:

Basically, your calculations are right. But you should stay at the first stages…

Not going to lie this is around a 15 to 30 dollar habit a month at least.But it’s fun and relaxing to me. You can say the same about TV. We spend over a hundred a month on it and it has no return on investment. I very rarely watch it too.