Uber chests broken?

Im level 76, opened an uber chest i bought with gems from a 1500 gem for x5 chest offer, the items came out as only lvl 55 uber items etc


Wtf seriously, only low much lower level stuff

yeah, I remember the first uber chests, full of goodies, making some drool and getting us excited…

if you now buy super uber deals… it seems you get the standard flare deal : if you are very lucky (and forged your luck perk 500 times), you might get a neat object…

but most of the time, things in the chest (even the uber ones) are comparable with Granny’s offer,

and out of the free uber chests, well i keep geting the same super uber item again and again (Think I got alrerady 4 times the same sword of rulers, and bloodmoon shoulderpads)

only advantage seems you can sell ubers more expensive

I think you misunderstood, this would be perfectly fine.

The problem is the items i got were 20 levels worse than what i get in granny shop.

My current king level is 76 yet i only got level 55 items max from the uber chest.

You get things according to your level in granny s shop ?  You re lucky

At least you got an item. I got uber gems (90 or something) out of my last one lol

indeed … i saw that also in my end of the month free uber chest… uber gems… what a joke

Lucky you, at least you get decent amount of gems instead of useless “paladins boost” items…


Well, Micky, I would be more than glad to receive those disappointing gems from you. Please generously scroll through my base :slight_smile:

normal item turns into uber item --> more value

normal gem turns into uber gem --> ??

so the day I can buy more cheese with one uber gem then I can buy with one normal gem, I (maybe) will…

I’ve noticed this too, legendary gems and uber gems give you the same amount, it’s absurd…

I am level 104, usually get item level 122 from Granny, and from uber chests I can get items up to 130, but I agree it seems to be rather rare now.

I also noticed recently that the uber items I got usually sucked. There was an explanation given by Flare, that what you could expect in uber chests would differ depending on how you got them.

You can get uber reward (like uber gems), uber items (of various levels), and unique items (your usual Granny level +10 I think).

If you got them for free (like daily reward, war chests, or friend chests), you coudl get any of them. If you bought them, you could get any of them too, but no uber reward, and if you buy the 5000 gems uber chests pack, you will only get unique items (one in each chest).

So the more you pay, the more likely you are to get great uber items.

I bought all mine with gems, the 1500 deal for 5 uber chests.

Which is why i thought it was riduculous i was getting Granny level -20.

Uber packages is merely another method of flares to rip you off your cash.

Just keep wasting your cash on flares and believe me, they will find many more new ways to milk you off your cash.

Ask why? Because they can… :slight_smile:

Seeking for who to blame? Only yourself… Cause by buying more and more useless stuff for cash, you encourage flares to think we are suckers.

Everyone knows that these 5 uber chests offer is terrible, those chests are not worth it at all. As Ed said, you’re the only one to blame for buying it, no way they’ll give you back your gems or anything. But maybe if devs read this they’ll make them better or something, because yeah, those chests are worthless.

Never ever and I mean NEVER EVER buy those x5 Uber chests for 1500 gems. They are only good for melting into pearls and that too if you got decent slots unlocked in the blacksmith.

Any chance we can get a dev comment that those uber chests are working as intended then?

Because -20 granny level is something i’d have never expected.

The only reason i bought them is because i reached a decent level now and wanted some usable gear which i’m probably going to keep for awhile.

Does the Luck perk really work for you?

I was noticing my luck seemed repeatedly significantly reduced so I got rid of all my luck items.  Did I make the wrong move?

I 100% agree with your statement Coincidence. I’m level 91 and I’ve bought my share of uber packs as well as gotten friend chests and I can’t recall getting any gear less than 100. You make a good case. One expects a return on their investment!