Uber chests,Mighty lost of my 3500 gems

Hi there,After hearing about the upcoming uber chest days,i was excited as i had just completed the(10000 PEARL QUEST),i bought it at discount rate of 3750gems,what did i get all useless item,Not one item i got with skull bonus,or the increased spell attack power,Not one of them were special,It is such a rip off from your side,You people should compensate me somehow,Seeing how there is literally no way to earn gems apart from buying them.Do look into the matter.Ign-shekhani7.



It’s gambling, you win or lose.


However… Not trying to sound too blunt, you’re now gambling for pixels so you always lose.

Be glad you didn’t spend real money on it, if you do… Only gamble what you’re willing to lose, and always expect to lose.

Theres enough ways to get uber chest so buying them is kinda stupid.

Its not about earning chests,no doubt there are ways,But the point is about special items.

It would have been gamble,had there was no clause that the item will remain same only,it was for special item.As for the money, at the end of the day its just a game only you will never be satisfied,so no point of wasting money,although i have also spent money,But no use.