Uber chests tragedy

In the daily chests, I was waiting to receive uber chest and when I got it and opened, I was greatly disappointed… I got great ‘Uber pearls’ as uber item. What do I do with these “Uber pearls” does they forge things twice? And does these items make us feel happy for playing? I’ve received this uber pearls second time in uber chest. Last ninja event I was not allowed 30th battle, and now in this… Feeling bad for this behavior by Flare…

Here’s a simple trick for you.

Fill up your inventory before opening any chest… Including uber chest.

open the chest. You will find unique items.

just don’t collect instantly. Hit the cross go to inventory clear a slot then collect… This way you won’t get under pearls.

Does this actually work? I don’t see how filling your inventory can help you get better items on chests, you’ll get items anyways, but I see no reason why they should get better only because of that.

actually it would work if the pearls would have a max cap but since is not like this you can find as many uber pearls as many uber gems and also items.

I would have been somewhat satisfied if I got uber gems…

If all the inventory slots are filled up, then even if we get uber uniue items, we would need to spend gems to unlock new slot or just sell it away. I don’t think that this helps us…

Try it & you’ll know what you are missing…

Bharath, you don’t know this trick. When you open a chest, the 1st reward say a uber item comes but your inventory is full, you simply close the tab & sell some useless item in inventory. Go back to chest tab, tap on that uber item & get it. I learnt it the hard way. You can’t do the same with items in CoF.

But what if you get pearls as uber items straight away…??? Does those pearls become unique items once we return to chest after selling useless inventory items?

I am confused. Why would this prevent us from getting Uber pearls instead of Uber items

Whenever your inventory slots are full… The system provokes us with unique items to spend some gems to buy extra slot.

Very interesting.   Ok. Will try.  Understood

And we have confirmation that unlike cof items where u have to sell it buy slot, for Uber chests, we can come back.   Ok

Pearls remain pearls. I mean to say is if you get a uber item straight away with full inventory, no need to sell it, sell some useless inventory & then get it. Can’t really do anything if you get pearls.

don’t collect the items before clearing the slot. If you do that your uber item automatically get sold. So don’t touch over the item except the cross. Its not like cof item which give an option for buying slot.

Ok I tried it.  Could not find the cross and did not want to buy a slot for 500 gems.  But I just closed the game. When I came back I could sell some useless item and collect it.    But I did not do it again and again to check if pearls dont come

Having full inventory doesn’t increase your chances of getting a unique item or reduce your chances of getting pearls/gems. 

Before opening a community uber chest (ie. free one), just make sure you have at least 6 inventory slots free. Otherwise, make room before opening up the chest.