Uber Chests? Uber-stupid chests

In my very humble opinion, uber chests are basically a joke. To higher level players, they are practically pearl chests. To mid level players - gold chests. To low-level players, chests that give this interesting belt with double mortar boost on it.

More often than not, when people get an uber chest, their uber items are just replicas of what they already have. Their gem output is minute (a bit like pro chests but that’s another topic), and uber pearls! Who wants uber pearls?

Not only are they terrible, they are also common. They can be found literally everywhere: Ninja, war, daily rewards, blah blah blah. I remember the day when I still had the thrill of opening an uber chest - now, no more.

Legendary chests are better because they give GEMS! Many players would drop from the lowest uber chest tier to the higher legendary chest tier because of it. It’s pathetic really. And progressing alliance levels to give uber chests in alliance rewards for ninja is no longer a blessing, more like a curse.

Something needs to be done. increase the uber gems in chests maybe. This is just what I think though, so feel free to comment.

Basically there is zero use for chests below legendary/epic at this point. I sell uber items I don’t want and melt everything else, occasionally forging a really interesting legendary in hope to get a better perk than the uber I have currently equipped. The items inside the chests also don’t make a lot of sense as often an epic item will be worth more gold/pearls than a legendary.

I wonder if it wouldn’t be at least interesting to change chests from ranked chests that can have anything to type chests that would have the same type of content of varying rank (pearls only chests, gold only chests, gear only chests, miscellanous chests that have food, vouchers etc). Right now there’s too broad of a range of ranks (7 if I recall) that matters very little as low rank contents give you practically nothing.

Give players ability to buy pearls!

Sometimes you got offers with pearls

And yes i think flare would earn a lot when they sell pearlchests

And when you open all chests in cof you got the most pearls /gemcost

No, its useless

i spended like 3 mln pearls on my sp % and defemce offense items and etc

this offerc will not help with it;)


As long flare don’t sell pearlchests have we to row with the belts we have?