Uber chests vs Granny shop

Well,as you’ve seen uber chests (I’m not talking about the one that costs 300 gems but the others) contain very good items. They can improve more and more the hero’s arsenal. My questions are:

  1. Since with the introduction of this new feature ,is way better improve the hero,do you think Granny shop worths as before? 
  2. Flare,your aim was since the beginning, introducing this new feature to get more money from players right?
  3. Flare,Do you think a player can be called “fool” whether he/she buys items at Granny shop?
  4. Do you think Granny shop does make any sense now?
  5. In conclusion,a player can get stronger if he/she buys gems right?


I would like to receive an answer from developers. But i’m sure i won’t get it. 

i would like to buy uber chest then spending gems in granny’s shop, uber chest makes granny invaluable. I think granny business is going down ?. She can stop selling items, her business is down hahahha… FAREWELL GRANNY ?

I would like to know the logic behind the 2.2. It’s obvious that right now Granny shop worths less than uber chests. As usual there’s no balance even between these things. 

Granny has been worthless for a while now. I can’t remember the last time I bought a good item from her. For the past month now, I use the shop to drop gold and get items to melt. That is how usefull Granny is.

Hey Gokulzz,

I bet you are 50% right… Bt I don’t think our dear granny is going down. With the presence of Uber Chest there should be a compition… In between it… Who ever present the items for low gems. We would be go to that…

M doing the same here…

Bt still our granny rocks…


Well, she’s a good source of pearls !

Thanks to Schmouck, now I know what else I can do when I have a lot of gold and nothing to do with it. Let’s make Granny rich and melt stuff on Blackie  :wink:  

Anything to help an old lady. Look at all the gold we give her and she can’t yet afford an house or something.

Yeah, and what about her pet? I’ve never seen it eating something :slightly_frowning_face:  

In business competition always brings good results. So let’s see how granny competes with the ubers :slight_smile:

Anyway, to my opinion, 300 gems for an uber chest is worth it. Because at granny’s, anything, even a lousy gear is more expensive (excluding the worthless gear she sells for gold). The only difference is that at granny’s shop you see what you get. Ubers are a bit of a gamble.


Small difference: i know exactly, when i first and last bought items for gems from her: in total i bought two, at the granny event in february,
and only because i wanted to get rid of (aka waste) gems for receiving a package offer. Did get the offer and melted the items in the
meantime, as expected, after getting better ones  :lol:

same here too… ? granny is best for pearls… We purchase items spending gold instead of gems to convert pearls. Granny’s business will not go down for pearls. But for new n good items UBER items ruined her business… Sorry GRANNY no more GEMS for YOU ?

yes that’s right

no gems for u granny…

not in this 2.2.0 update…

in India we call it “baba ji ka thullu”


I think the uber chests are better value for your money than granny but granny still can give you good items and the benefit that granny has if you get to pick your 1st perk where as with uber chests its all random luck

I think the next major update will see granny bid farewell (sad to say that) if she is not able to sell items. I kinda liked her. Anyhow, hope that FG decides to give her one more term, due to recession crisis?


Granny became useless to me since the first blacksmith update. Haven’t bought a single item item since then, despite items for gold I melted immediately.

Why ? I don’t see the point in spending 200-500 gems for the item that, yeah, in fact will have a little bit better stats that my current gear but I can’t be guaranteed that I would get a nice perk on it. So what’s the point in spending around 500 gems, then spend pearls on forging it, then maybe spend more gems for removing a perk and at the and you end up melting the item because the perk was useless ? Yup, exactly. I’m ok with the items I get for free from chests and CoF. Now with uber chests, offering high lvl items with great stats, granny is totally useless, even recently reduced cost of rerolls won’t help much here in my opinion.