UbEr EmBlEmZ!!!!!11!!!!

Hi ThEre U GuIsE!!11!!


Thank to you for enter to my topic and please can reading my wonderful idea!


As we all knowing some ALlIaNCeZ are way cOOleR than others!!

So please to flaregame can make a super option for making the alliances emblemz?


Introducing the SHaZaaaM! UBER EMBLEMZ! GieF alot more option how can make a cool emblemz and really stand out! Not many a option now but me and many alliance would love to doing this! Maybe making emblem look like burning or dripping a bloods from when I was kill to my enemy! Like a how u say GIF picture file system!


I happy can pay many gemz to activate this! In Warzzz they see oh look them guise is waaay cool! I only has this boering star with a thri dipperent calors but dem has burning blood dripping fire! Let us suRRendeR we has no chance guise!



Hey Macamus,


  1. You think everything is legitimate by writing in a “kid” way with big and small types, phrases where neither a native english can understand;

  2. You troll people because they have to struggle to understand what you write (we know that you are able to write properly);

  3. You share false informations (“Uninstall” case is an example where maybe players have really that problem and you take joke of them);

  4. Let me know if you wanna go ahead like this or i have to take action.



I have no problems understanding Macamus. And my english is far from perfect. And he does write funny, you just have to see the humour in it :grinning:

Anyway, you are kinda missing his point. I do think we need more emblems to choose from. And why not pay gems to get them? I believe that its better for flare to charge for customizing stuff in the game rather than having to pay to play. Ofc I do not want Flare to charge for both. But it would be fun. They can make things you can win through quests and a few stuff you have to pay for.

So +1 from me :slight_smile:

Yes flaregames do a action so can enable very better emblems :wink:


I sorry you feel you must make a funny of me and make me feel weak because I are not master in English! I did not read paragraph where is requirement only forum for native English speaker? A moderator that is not knowing its own rules I am laugh!


I are make a valid point because the emblem selection is poor, I am choose to call you the troll for try make fun of me language instead of accept this is my idea for make a better emblem. Or did moderator not realize this is suggestion idea thread? :slight_smile:

I choose writing in cool big and small letter because to me that is cool and it relate to me wanting COOLER emblem is clear yes?


Happy day friend  :slight_smile:

Me too i’m not a master of English and i saw every type of things on this forum, but if i write such things to you it’s not because i wanna annoying someone randomly.

Also i didn’t write that you “must be a native English”, instead i wrote that “neither a native English can understand”, did i refer to some rules? I don’t think so.


One more reason that is a suggestion thread you have to write in a way that everybody can read like you did with me now.

Excuse me sir but I believe you are talking off topic

This thread is for discussing the idea of implenting new alliance emblems not mocking someones linguistics!


Using capital and normal letters is very cool and just underlines how cool it  would be to get new cool emblems!

Now give me some burning skulls with dripping blood that I can purchase for gems I am a fashionista and like to dress in prada and Gucci therefore I would gladly open my wallet to be able to make the alliance im in look more fashionable than 3 colors with a star! hear hear!

i loved the idea…was fun reading it…and hope this one gets implemented

I didn’t understand anything from this idea thanks to the horrible way it was written Using a mix of capitalized and normal letters is not cool at all, is just a mess of characters that hurts the eyes and damages the language.


Because emblems are not supposed to cost gems, Flares is already too greed so we shouldn’t suggest stuff that costs gems. If there ever was an emblem that I only can get by spending, I’d forget buying that emblem forever.

Yes Flare is greedy and they will continue to put things into the game that costs gems. So instead of creating boosts that can only be obtained by spending gems (upgrading AT, upgrading alliance etc), they could create a bunch of stuff that is not really needed to play the game. The purpose of these things should be to make your king and base cooler, not better.  They shouldn’t be too expensive though, everyone should be able to afford at least one of the emblems.


The idea is to make the game less pay to win and more pay to be cool :grinning:

An alliance member said that Dota is like that, I have no idea since I don’t play Dota so please correct me if I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

Yeah dota store is all cosmetic like different skins, voices and effects on the hero but no actual power that can be bought.

That’s what we need to shift here. Instead of adding more and more gem things that actually make you stronger.


Macamus, it seems you have too many spare gems and you have no idea what to do with them. :slight_smile:

Have a great suggestion. Why don’t you raid scroll my base on a constant basis, let’s say a couple of times a day, anytime you feel like spending gems… :slight_smile:


Nice idea with the graphics by the way, though not really readable dialect, southern accent?

Sorry as a karateka master my mind is trained to be peaceful and only use my amazing reflexes when they are really needed for the greater good.

I do not threaten people my master told me only fotball hooligans and feminists do that.


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