Uber Granny Days event should be added "Inventory slots discount"

The last Uber event was good especially with the Inventory slots discount 50%

but the upcoming event will not have it anymore :slightly_frowning_face:  why? I think it should have been there :slightly_frowning_face:  

Pls add it, its really a good one. Thanks for checking.

Nobody care of Granny give us cheaper item slots which are better!

Yes, I do agree, we all need inventory slots discounts


Just buy full price Tran.You are richer than me on gems lol


One thing is for sure: I don’t spend any gem on granny (with or without event).
If you want me to spend gems, offer 50% rebate on item slots :grinning:

I’m happy about granny too. Not for me but a lot of my female friends here that can’t use the update with the helmets they have. Hopefully Flare knows this and starts offering good helmets in the granny events. 


The inventory slots will be cheaper as well, similarly as last time. :grinning:

Much thanks!

may I ask here?


It means better chances for all chests OPENED during this event?

Or  it works for all chests, that you GET during event?

I need to confirm, but I’d assume it works for all chests that you get during the event. 

Remember, if you get a chest at level 30 and open it at lvl 50, the items will be for the level you had when you received the chest. 

Yes please ask to be sure at 100%. Thanks.

Then how bout if I buy ubers before the event and open it at the event, will the chances increase during the event or the same? and vice versa( I buy it during event and open it after event).

The package of 10 said more unique items, is it guaranteed 10 unique uber items?

Confirmed, if you already have the chest before the event starts, the increase in chance will not be applied.

If you buy the chests during the event though, the increase in chance will be applied, even if you open the chests later on.

It is guaranteed to have 10 Uber items, but additionally you have more chances to get Unique Uber items.


Another sad news

This is completely logical if you ask me.

OK, so if you open them when you level up, the items will be for the level you got it at.


OK, so if you open them when you level up, the items will be for the level you got it at.