Uber Granny Days Event!

Greetings Queens & Kings,

What better time to celebrate Royal Revolt 2’s history than our 4 year anniversary?  We are happy to announce the start of Royal Revolt History Month with our week long Uber Granny Days Event! :wink:

In March, we will take a look at some of Royal Revolt 2’s biggest updates and features that got added throughout the years. Granny will kick things of for this week. Keep your eyes on our social media channels for Granny themed postings, raffles and more!  

Oh, and make sure to enjoy these awesome bonuses lasting until this Saturday!

? Increased chances of Special Uber Items in chests ? All Uber Chests are -30% ? Uber Chests for your Alliance friends for every Gems package purchase (content may vary depending on the type of package) ? The 1st 2nd Item Reroll in Granny’s Shop is for free, the maximum cost is 1! ? 50% off inventory slots



Have a good day!

—Your Royal Revolt 2 team