Uber item on blacksmith?

According to this sentence from Aether post:

Uber itens will be forever upgraded??? It means that its power will be endless added?

the price of the upgrade tending to infinity


with a chance to upgrade tending to zero



Yes you will see a hammerstrike perk that shots instantly every single thing  :lol:

I just like a plus 1000% xp boost … king leveling starts being a pain above 100, playing several weeks for nothing in terms of better status :grinning:

Keep in mind, a king level 115 has more than twice the xp of a king level 105 (at 104 I got ridiculous 560 mio xp, mischreiber got nearly 2 bill right now if i recall correctly, at 117 ?), but status is only 10% better (hp, attack etc., sometimes more than 10% cause they find new better granny stuff at higher level).

Think we will be much wiser after the Blacksmith becomes available.

Right now, we are all just guessing.