Uber items perk meaning

I have just upgraded one of my legendary hero items into a uber item. It’s 3rd perk shows “monk 499”, what does that mean?

It means either extra protection or extra attacking strength when you wear that perk in offense. The 499 is some number that almost nobody understands. Check wiki page of royal revolt for normal value of your hero level and compare that with info on monk in troop academy.

When the icon is a shield it should have added some more protection, if it’s like some kind of star, then the damage a monk delivers has increased somewhat.

You will get additional boost on either monk’s hp or demage (you need to look what it says).  “499” number doesn’t mean anything, you won’t get 499 increase.

I think its most probably near to 49.9 increase in the monks attack or health but of course nobody knows how it actually works XD but I do have a theory!! I have 1353.5 attack perk on arbs but my arbs attacks gets only increased by +5. But I have 4272 spell perk on bladestorm and I got around +400 increase in attack. I think it all goes down to ratio? Since arbs is one of the units with lowest attack (but highest attack rate of course) so it gets an increase of about +5 with 1353.5 perk. I checked again with monk I got +800 health and +120 attack increase on 2 perks of around 2500 and 2300 respectively. Its not a theory of course I am just posting my stats I guess XD but what I meaned to say that the number is used to do some calculations with the attack stats of the troop/spell. The more your attack the more increase you will get from the perk. Same goes for health and spells.

I really do want to know what the numbers means, but I don’t have enough data to find the algorythm behind these meaningless numbers. I’m pretty sure it means some kind of % gain.

Thanks guys, it increases monk attack, but really what does that number means…irony is, they give me this

and I don’t have monk…