Uber items with Golden Orange Name


I am new to this game and i have got a uber item that the title is in Orange golden color so is that a unique item?

And beside i saw a number like “50” so is that the level of the gear? 

Will it increase its level as i leveled up? cause i saw video people can get like 100++ number.



Hi Rysouke, the orange colored title means it’s one of the unique perks you only can find in an uber chest. oPelle is one of the players who helps others by showing info and for chests. The info about uber perks is right here Magic chests

The number displayed means the rarity. That number depends on your hero level. The higher your level, the better items (with higher numbers) you can find. Usually you can get items up to 20 higher than your current hero level, with uber chests this is 30 more. So when your hero level grows, the better items you will find.

Don’t waste pearls on forging those items while you are still a lower level hero. Around 100+ (items 130+) you won’t find that many better so then it can be time to forge.


Thank alot for the clear explanation.

So for those i find all now is about 50 rarity and as i grow my level, these items will still remain as 50 right?



Correct you cannot level up gear, it is best to not really invest a lot of gold/gems/pearls until higher levels like 80-100 for your gear since you will out level it pretty quickly in the lower levels

Yes, the items you currently have will remain their level 50. So that’s why you will get better items when hero level grows and you eventually will need to replace those items by items with much better statistics and higher numbers.

If you don’t exchange them your raids will become very difficult. For getting more troops, you need higher leadership, to let the king survive at harder bases you need more health and better protection and so on.

So when your hero level grows to for example to level 50 you will be able to find items in uber chests up to level 80 and in other source of items (granny or non uber chests) up to level 70.

The higher the rarity number, the better the stats. When you get items with much better stats, you usually exchange your current items, unless your current item has something special where you benefit a lot from (like skull perk, farm perk, start morale, high leadership, e.t.c.).

Remember that items will become outdated eventually and need to be replaced. When you reach level 100+ you will profit longer from those items and don’t need to replace them that often. At lower levels however replacement is a must, otherwhise you fall behind and suffer during raids. Good items will help you in offense, outdated ones will do the opposite.

Oh great thank alot for the very cleared and detailed explaination and i can keep my gems till my hero get to higher level.

I’ll close this topic as Rysouke’s doubts were answered. If someone wants to discuss it further, can send me a message and I’ll open it again. Cheers :slight_smile: