Uber perk value. why so random

Why can’t it be static based on king level or the equipment level?

I got a +2300 heal on a 110 helmet but almost +4000 swordrain on a 108 belt.

And same with skull boost same item level but one started at 1.8% and the other at 2.7% with th 0.1 increase per upgrade that’s a huge difference.

It’s hard enough to roll a perk you actually want but then it might be so low that it’s just useless anyway :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah, I thought the higher king/item level, the higher the perk level but I was wrong. One of my belts, lower by 6 level from the other one, had  0.9% higher skull perk than the other one. Stupid.

its not only the uber perk (3rd perk). the 2nd perk is also random. i have 4 armor with normal shield right now


the more lvl gain more HP. but the perk is randon. lvl 102 has the highest protection.

It may be even zero!