Uber perks weaker on some items?

So everytime I get a spell boost on head or cape it’s 2000-2400 but if I get it on belt or ring it’s 3500-4000 is this the way it’s supposed to be?

I have rerolled and tried on many different item pieces so doubt it’s coincidence. I have heal perk on my helm and on my cape but it’s almost same value as the one I got on my belt.

Anyone experiencing the same?

I guess each item has its own statistics, its own properly values, so it’s normal have different numbers that may be high for one item, and very low for another. I think it’s more to balance the equipment of the king and the game itself.  :slight_smile:

So in other words just get other perks than spell ones on your cape and cloak then since they barely do anything.

Like start morale farmer or something else. Would be better to not give thoose items the ability to get spell perks on at all if it’s so weak. Just milking us for more gems on perks thst we need to remove :slightly_frowning_face: