Uber Perks...

Ok I don’t know about any one else here but seriously folks next time you get a new item…be it a weapon, boots, suit of armor…take a look at how many pearls you spend to get to the final upgrade where you get the uber perk…my guess is you are likely looking at about 200 to 300 pearls…give or take including luck or not likely closer to 500 pearls…for what… an uber item that you don’t want need or use??? To change that uber item costs you again 50 gems…and to roll the dice again hoping you get what you want… again another 200 to 300 gems…freekin crazy and quite the scheme…

Again just looking outside the box…not sure about the rest of the folks here…sure boosting your item with pearls to get to the uber point is quite understandable…however that too is over priced IMHO…anyway I would rather pay a flat rate of say 200 pearls for a chosen uber perk…one that I can use!!!

Bottom line here…my suggestion …

Let us have the ability to choose what uber perk we want…

Like really haven’t you (Flare Games) shafted us enough on burnt pearls and gems for some thing we do not want or need???






And… when your hero level grows you get better items, so your uber item becomes quite useless or hurting your progress when you refuse to exchange it for a perk with better stats. In the end you will be forced to let such a nice perk go. That we can’t chose the item is fine. But there should be a way to transfer a perk between similar items. For example between two weapons I should be able to transfer my slowdown perk.

I don’t want to get rid of it. Let’s take for example a slowdown perk:

  • It’s ver rare, only 6% chance to get it and can only be found on a weapon.
  • I invested pearls to get the weapon to uber and was fortunate to get it.
  • I forged the slowdown perk a dozen times to improve, so the stats are improved a lot

Then I get a weapon with much better stats.

  • I go to improve that weapon to uber
  • I hope for a slowdown perk. We know 94% chance not to get slowdown perk
    • When it’s no slowdown perk we have a few options, using it is no option, since I want that slowdown perk at all cost.
      • Melt the item down at blacksmith -> Waste of pearls
      • Sell the item -> Waste of pearls
      • Remove the uber perk -> Waste of gems. big chance that next perk also is not the one we want. Even more gems and pearls wasted
    • When it’s a slowdown perk
      • The stats are not as good as the original one -> waste thousands of pearls and wait a lot of time before the stats are same at least. Cooldown of 7 days is not your buddy at those moments.
      • Hope that we don’t get a much better weapon soon before we forged the stats to previous or even better level. The story repeats itself.

I want an option to transfer an uber perk from an item to another item, even when the requirement is that the items both need to be uber. Let’s take weapon as example again

  • Efforts of upgrading are not lost
  • Pearls used to improve the uber aren’t wasted.
  • After I forged another weapon to uber and I have two items of similar kind, enable transfer uber perks. Like I said only possible between items of same category.
    • Pick the two uber items of same category. In this case two swords
    • Pay some pearls and transfer. When forge succeeds the uber perks are exchanged.

For me this would be an awesome extra. Since this option is not available at the moment

  • I don’t buy an item with better stats, I don’t want to lose my good perk -> Flare sells less items, so less gems spend
  • When I find a better item
    • I don’t improve it when I have an improved perk that I like, I just sell it or melt it down -> Also loss of pearls
    • I only improve it, when I didn’t improve the perk a lot and hope to get a similar or better perk. Loss of some pearls, but worth the risk.

Add a transfer/exchange option of perks only adds win-win situation. granny sells more items and players will keep their investments in perks.

This should be done by FG. It will only help FG, as players will want to invest on a perk, and then when they purchase an item from the granny they can feel safe to transfer that particular perk to the item they just purchased. Happened to me so many times. I had to sell food perk cause i wanted higher leadership, and never got food perk on the helmet.



You describe in less words An what I try to say, but that is exactly the main problem with uber item perks.

Most players aren’t level 110+ (getting items level 130), so they will definitely get items with much better stats offered. When you finally get a good uber perk, you are happy. You start to forge to make the item usable for you, whatever the perk might be. A player invested a lot of pearls by getting the uber statistics upwards and had to wait long (cooldown can be up to 7 days per forge) time before getting that perk stat high.

Sure, some players skip the cooldown and just keep on forging, but for the major part of players this is undoable, so they need to wait. The odds to get similar perk are already not spectacular high and even when we are fortunate to get it, it is way lower than the one we forged many times.

so true. How many time you have a nice uber perk and you got a new gear but you don’t know if waste 150,300 or more worth it at the final. You can have a Start Morale perk and got on new gear toxic cloud damage perk

right now I have a armor and a pauldron who have better stats but I hesitate to boost them because what its the chance I got HP + 30% more than 667 HP. I don’t think you can have 700 HP and more.

Flaregames should add 3 options : You pay like 5 Millions to transfer perk,20 gems or you lose it and try with new one

If Flaregames give me that choice I prefer keep a low perk that I like than lost it and take something I don’t want