uberchest faill

wtf flare…

realy this game is goin further down and down … i opned a uber chest … i and everyone thought there where onl items in it … i opend one chest and i fount few purple items a gold item and gems as uber item ??? 88 gems …??? wtf if you put gems in an uber item, according what you asks for an amount of gems for a golden item, the uber gem item should also be uber and i mean like 500 gems orso and not 88 gems ???
people are getting screwed over here big time , you ask like 500 gems for a golden item from granny wich indicates that that is worth it so uber items should be worth far more … so why give 88 gems as an uber item ? be a real man and also give what its worth . like 500 plus gems and not crap low amount . also you said uber chests wont caintain a life duration, when i got mine today i have to ask a friend within 1 day and some hours to open a chest or pay 300 gems ??? realy ???

let some developer explain this cause this is NOT how it is supposed to work… your scamming people more and mre … you might not like this but i dont care … you are clearly screwing people here .