Uchasan World recruiting

Usachan World is recruiting. We’re looking for new members. We’ve been working hard on rebuilding the alliance and it’s almost done, we just need long term members. Now our main goal is min donation 500k and reach the top 75.0Hope u’ll join. The wars will be pretty easy. And it’s a good alliance. And people who’re looking to be general u’ll be better of here.
Please comment ur IGN down below and u’ll receive an invitation.

                                                                         USACHAN WORLD  

Alliance  lvl:63

Fiefdoms: 35

Rank: 100s 

24/7 boosts: Ogre, Knight, Werewolf, Tough barricade, archer, cannon at the moment we’ll have more in less than a month.

Requirements: 2900+ trophies lvl85+ 250kminimum donation.
Daily donation : 35M

Bump ninja started looking for long term members 



Don’t boost mummies and Arblasters?

I don’t use knights, werewolves, barricades, archers or cannons.


I’m lvl 89, lvl fast

Donate 500K every day and on time

don’t have 2900 trophies (yet) but ant that’s just a matter of lvling and time

Did I mention I lvl fast?