Uh...you know there are holidays ahead, right?

Easter is next weekend yet daily chests indicate no such event this month (and not half the next, neither). Last year(s) there was a festival and everything but this year not even a holiday chest? Hello? :slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t recall an Easter chest last year, only the festival (the Bucky pal festival).

The next weeklong event will be a Bucky collector event. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

The Bucky event is your special Easter holiday gift. Enjoy it ??

bucky -> egg -> easter -> event

Yeah, I figured the “Easter Bunny Event” too. Is this the best y’all could come up with, flare?

Soooo… is there going to be a festival for Easter or No??? Being offered all the gear for a low low low price of like $19.99. Which by my calculations in the game may as well be 6 trillion gems for 1 Bread.

We are due for a festival… They have told that festival will be a regular part of the game(they even followed it for sometime) but now it seems they have forgot their words. 

Festival i miss you

Unless they meant regular as in once-twice a year.

And none of this 5-day festival nonsense, 2-3 weeks of festivaling! Or else!

seems like festivals were replaced by one time offers.

With this marvelous improvement the RR2 playerbase will be replaced with declining revenues for flare. Merry Holidays.

(as if anybody ever cared about festival items, btw)

in the short term, i think they did quite well, many players bought the offers i think.

long term is more unknown, i’m not too happy it seems like they are moving towards exclusive items for paying customers only. So far generally everything you can pay for is just to speed things up, this change looks like making exclusive items.

theres been good festival items, certainly from both the blacksmith set and the easter set there are items I want / imagine others would want too.
same with the special skull gear set, I would’ve wanted some of those items.

i guess there is the rare chance to get these items in uber chest, but the chances of some of them are so low, no to mentioning getting lower and lower chance with more items being added to the game.