ultimate gamer achievement

what about  one achievement for getting all achievements done?would be really cool 2 have it as it takes time and dedication 2 complete them all.nice juicy lets say 15k gems/100k pearls/or 50 guardians of your choice would be a gr8 to get after all that time contributed to rr2.personally i don’t know any player who got them all finished (if there is any congrats guys) and that is something u can’t win/buy/speed up/get during any of the existing festivals.

would be a perfect cheery on the top of the cake?

thanks for your time reading this?


I don’t think the rewards you mentioned would be possible, but I do agree that an achievement for getting all the quests done would be awesome. It takes so much work to get all those quests done, not to mention the low rewards that we get. It would be nice to have this…however, we have been told we will be receiving more quests soon, perhaps in 5.0!! Get ready for some awesome quests + rewards!!

Lovely idea. We will put this on our backlog.

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Hi Madlen.It is just small idea that (i think) would be really cool 2 have and great achievement to complete after all the sleepless nights having fun with rr2?

Thank you and take care.

Looking forward 2 see what is coming with new version?


Nice idea!

I’ve been playing this game since forever and I still have 4 quests left!

I just completed the “Undead King” lvl3 other day, and there was no celebration,
knowing that I used 500 (!!!) Resurrections in battle just made me sad when I saw it, and the 3.000.000 gold reward didn’t help my mood at all  :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they do something really nice with this idea, considering how hard it is to complete all quests and all the time/resources we need to do that.

As for rewards, I think it would be cool to also have a complete set of skins that have the same theme,
and I would definitely suggest an exclusive landscape!
Some good visual rewards just to show off  B)

It’s really really hard (time consuming, mostly) to complete all quests.

It is also expensive: I’m still 300 revives and 500 scrolls away from completing those 2 quests. I also never bought any bread with gems or protected my gold with a shield.

The hardest quest is probably the 50.000 Stun tho. I’m not even at 1000 Stuns yet and I think I have the Pro League to thank for most of those.

amazing achievement mss73.well done?

@ARREBIMBAas u said it takes time and resources 2 finish it.i am not even close 2 get there but it would be nice 2 be rewarded for all the commitment over all that time?  

Does the PL really count towards quests? I was certain that they didn’t. I thought it was the same thing as XP. It’s not your hero and therefore not your spells and troops either. I may be wrong. I certainly hope I am!

Maybe you’re right, but since I doubt I’ve used Heal/Stun spell 500-800 times ever, so I thought the PL uses had to be included.

What happened with my message???

Where is my reward?

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