Ultimate Pro Landscape ideas to buff Defense

Since so many players kept saying “hey don’t nerf Nemesis, buff defense instead”.

Well, here are some ideas for Flare:-

Have 3 options of ULTIMATE pro landscape that sells for 500k crystals EACH:-

  1. Death metal skull landscape – Every obstacle and defensive units are filled with adrenaline, and have an increase attack speed of 50%. This effect stacks with howl.

  2. Zen Waterfall with serene sound – All Units (and towers too) are in zen mode, and cannot be debuff at all. No confusion, infection, etc etc. Towers cannot even be “intimidated”.

  3. Sanctuary background, with small clouds scattered around the Kingdom while shining holy light from above – The place of sanctuary welcomes all healing. In defense, all units and towers receive the same healing that is done by the raider, i.e. if the raider casts shield, then all enemy within range is shielded too. If raider casts heal, then all enemy within range is healed too (this will also be a balance to the long-discussed heal aura ring), AND, the enemy units/ towers are able to absorb heal puddles by Nemesis or Phoebe too.

This is not a troll attempt if anyone is wondering. 500k crystals is something that you can get within one year easily if you don’t simply buy things in the pro shop. Compared to a level 6 rune, 500k crystals is relatively much easier to get.

Also, I can confidently say that if Flare sells one landscape for $300-500, there WILL be rich players buying them too.

(hmm maybe it should be 1 million crystals per landscape then?)

Here, an alternative suggestion to buff defense.


haha, good one… As long as everyone can see it before attacking a guy with one of these landscapes that should be fine.

But what’s wrong with just making an extra level for towers and obstacles? Or make forgings more valuable on defense structures (now there is hardly any difference between forging 50 and forging 100 times)


Cuz game need bew players

Every new level makes unreal for new players to reach them😏

The landscape can always be seen, even now.

So Nemesis isn’t touched but players will think twice going into a sanctuary landscape, this will achieve two things:-

  1. Nemesis won’t be touched
  2. A counter can be done

Also, each landscape is expensive, so as the defender you’ll also think twice which to buy as you’ll be wondering what you want to counter.

Even if you are rich and you buy every landscape, you need to think which one to equip too.

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as if new players have a chance on catching up as is. Blacksmith slots, alliance tower, conquest buildings, rune slots, skull gear, number of forgings, maxing waves, etc… Just impossible for new players, unless they spend big and fast. So for such guys an extra level wouldn’t make much difference.
But for all other guys who are (almost) at the end of their possible progress, it would give something to do beside attacking, buying stuff from granny and melting it. We probably all have workers that aren’t doing anything else than gathering dust for more than a year

Flare is lacking in creativity so I’ll just add on to my own thread as to why the above idea won’t be as crazy as it sounds.

The above pro landscape opens up to the possibility of some really powerful new spells that are situational.

For example, the repel spell that returns all damage.

If you see landscape 1 death metal skull where everything is attacking with 50% attack speed extra, you can use the repel spell while having Nemesis with you to heal you.

Defender will then think oh no, hey, maybe I should use Sanctuary then. Raider sees sanctuary, will then switch strategy. Guess what doesn’t need healing? Gargoyles. Landscape becomes almost useless against this. Oh, not just gargoyles, any disposable unit, i.e. mummy strategy too.

And then what? Defender can think, hmmm maybe I should buy the zen landscape instead, no debuff, so I can fight all infection and confusion status including Nemesis, but I’ll have to deal with Nemesis’s healing some other way.

The repel spell is just ONE example where it’s direct return of damage.

How about a really cool spell like Black Panther? You take damage and there is a bar above you, and a new button, when you press, you release the kinetic energy in one go which can one shot things (if you don’t die from taking the damage that is).

The idea goes on.

We need something to break the current stalemate of the game.

Part 6 of LacunaC’s mission to reduce player numbers and increase sadness in all kingdoms apart from their own.

You just need to get all your obstacles to level 6 runes and win back frosty arbs, and your base might be better than a “highway to the gate” that it normally is during war.

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Oh and, if I’m not mistaken, confused units take the stats of the defender.

So if you equip death metal skull landscape, guess what becomes a hard counter to this landscape too, Aki pal. Suddenly it becomes so relevant again. Let those frenzied enemies kill themselves.

Reading what I type makes you sad?

You’re weird.

Don’t read what makes you sad then =)

Neilr it seems u was infected by RL hopeless spirit​:rofl::rofl:

Frosty arbs arw useless;)
Same like absolutly every boost)

You know these suggestion have already made countless times and it was always rejected.
This all for nothing.

Also this looks excessively complicated just for balancing the game a little bit…

Maybe there are special towers and obstacles where you can buy LV1 with gems or crystals.:shushing_face:
“Special equipment to buy with special coins or cash”
Often found in Sim City management games and cafe management.:tropical_drink::circus_tent:
・ Suitable for considering purchasing as a good accent in defense.
・ Harmony.
・ Things that look good.

Counter heels and shields as a new unit. Or absorb.
And the poison that spits out is powerful.
It may be fun even if the unit of the composer joins the group.

A good product may be born if developers and users recruit “candidates for units, towers, and obstacles that allow defenders to deal with attackers’ recovery and defense activities to some extent.”

*According to a friend’s theory, the Viking Conquest Boost and Nemesis would be a powerful attack, suggesting products that can easily block these two. (Obstacle, unit, tower)

Finally im agree with what you propose in this topic.

Ahh one of my favourite RL players who can still respectfully discuss about things without taking it too personally on whatever happens in a war game.

I like it a lot :+1::+1::+1::+1: great idea with different landscapes … hope one day :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: