Un-assign troops in stronghold

Just an idea but it would be really helpful to be able to un-assign troops from players in the stronghold.  At the beginning of conquest we don’t have enough troop capacity to fill everyone up so we have to guess who is going to be active first and fill them up.  Problem is if we guess wrong, we can’t reassign those troops to someone else who will be active, and end up with a bunch of wasted troops on people who never leave the stronghold.  Any idea if this change is feasible?

The idea is a good one. 

This is a great idea and should be implemented with next conquest

Hi there,

Thanks for your idea. Moving this to ideas&feature requests.

We dont face this issue but its not a bad suggestion, until then your team should try to mannage better the troops, FIRST asign troops only to those you are 100% sure will leave the base  inform the other members on sticky notes that they have to request troops before they leave the base, if few members will leave base with no troops they can allways get troops from towers…