Un ban my Account

I’m playing royal revolt 2 since 2016, you can see my RR2 history , please unban my account

IGN= Badshah 1

Can you tell us the reason why your account was banned? If flare had a good reason for it, I think you can only start all over again.

cheat is not welcome in video game. Sorry restart all over

IF you have multiple account and want Badshah 1 to be unbanned, then contact support and tell them to delete the other account and promise to just use one account. I think flare will grant that.

@BigGamer sorry to hear that. I saw your post on Flothaboss’ video. Many players have been banned unreasonably because of cheaters. Just contact support. Tell them you haven’t cheated or used multiple accounts (Unless that’s true, of course), and you should be fine

Good luck!



Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear about your situation however, for more information please contact our support. We cannot offer assistance via forum as we cannot discuss personal information publicly. I’m therefore closing this thread.