Un-logical trophy count

Hi All… HI @flare games…    @GalaMorgane @FTB@Nikko

I know that maybe this topic was already touched here but I want to write it again… I wanted to fight in higher ninja perk as usually… sooo start gathering trophys:)

And then suddenly I see this …Player from Apo attacked me (as u see below) and took for it  41!!! trophys…for 1 attack!!!  . It is some kind of joke @GalaMorgane???

Player has lvl   130…  defence from him give 770 medals. 4500 trophy when he attacked

My lvl 115…defence give 550 medals atm. 4700  trophys when he attacked

And when I wanted to strike back … I see that he/she give me whole … 12!!! trophys (see below)

So my question is… how create this algorithm ?? this is FCKN unfair … not enough that player has lvl 130 and his defence is stronger then my …so how it is even possible that he get 41 trophys for attack me and I get back only 12!!!..  this is unfair and un-logic…  Can u say me how I should reach some higher trophy rank??  I can gain for attack approximately 10 trophys and for 1 !!! attack it took me -41!!!

Come on Flare… change it !!  what I mood u give to players which want to try play for example ninja in higer perk??  I attack 4 times for get 40 trophys and then…boom 1 atack and i lost 40 .

It is ridiculous in my opinion… thanks for answer in advance…cheers :grinning:




From what I can tell when this happens to me or others is that his attack looks to be from generator giving higher trophy count compared to regular attack

you are lucky he did not take more, I used to take 55+ from people when I heavily trophy dump and going up for ninja,

I agree with you it is not fair and ridiculous, but it is perfectly logical.

The trophy algorithm rightly does not care about king level or defence level, only what you can beat.
this is because you can be max level, and have max units, max forge, max everything but be rubbish player, so the game needs to put you in a low trophy range that you can beat other people still. So this apoc face guy has been losing fights (dumping trophy) against lower opponents than you so the algorithm has decided his trophy ranking to be much much lower than yours, and that given he is losing again them there should be no way for him to beat you.

But he does beat you so it rewards him many trophy. 

I think they actually changed some things recently to try curb the trophy dumping and rising quickly for ninja, but obviously it still needs more work.
number 1 issue they need to fix is that you get more loot / better rewards for being lower trophy, so naturally people drop trophy on purpose.