Unable to buy gems

I tried to buy gems but i blank. Nothing to tap to purchase.

New Bug… bug bug bug. 

No , this has happened before too but @CaptainMorgan said this issue is fixed but I don’t know why it happend to sheldyra.

consider it divine intervention, you’re lucky!

@Sheldyra it is useless to buy gems, for flaregames there are only a few players who are worthy of attention, powerful items and blessings

@Sheldyra Are you now able to see the store? Sometimes this is caused by the connection to the Microsoft/Apple/Google shop. If this is still ongoing we will have to look into this further with the platform holders.

Still unable to see the store… Can this be fix before the next war? Or is there any other way to purchase gems? Another thing happened, after i upgraded my cyclops the rage power doesn’t affect the other soldiers. What step should I do from my end or should i just wait? 



@Sheldyra Please let me know your in-game name, and which device you’re playing on.

Thank you very much. I just recieved a notification to update and did it. Its ok now the store shows up and i can magage to buy gems. Thank you very much. This case is  close and solved. Thank you again…



Oooppps. There goes again. I can see the store and bought first the daily gems, i went out and when i  came back. The store is gone again. Lol… 

My game name is Sheldyra and i am using an android smartphone.

@CaptainMorgan i found a work around, if i open the olympus rising at google play, the store shows up, but if i open it directly tapping the icon apps, its not showing up. ???

This may be something caused by your provider limiting your payment options. We will look into this further. Thanks for the workaround!