Unable to click on troops or spells when attack

I am in war and i attack someone. After clicking to get 3 wolves i cannot ask anything no more. I click on any of my troops… nothing… i click on my spells… nothing. I want to pause… nothing. But i am able to walk around.

Anyone experience this problem?


It s.cks… last 2 conquest messed up because of lags and lost connection. And now this… war ruined. No follow up on tickets/requests. After 2 days i get an email with questions, i answer them and then i hear nothing… 

Are you playing on Windows with touch screen? When the answer is yes, just drag the window from upper center a little bit down (don’t close it!) and release it.

Problem is online keyboard that suddenly tries to get focus, while it’s on the background, disabling all buttons. Even during a raid or swiping fast to left or right might cause it. 

To prevent this, after chat first drag the window down after closing the keyboard and open another window in the game. Then go back  to main screen. When no keyboard pops up, you are fine, otherwise do what I just told you (if you play on Windows).

Have had this many times and this is only solution. 


Ehm no sorry. I am playing on an S8+ android. And i have never experienced this before?

Playing on window surface, it happens a lot… the only fix i had, was to switch from tablet mode to normal mode (or the other way around) and it give me back the possibility to click on the spell and troops. If you do it quick enough you might be able to still win the raid… 

Moving this to bugs and technical issues.