Unable to collect today's Daily Gifts

Hello FG,

I’m unsure if this is a bug or just my misunderstanding. Today, my Daily Gifts calendar seems to frozen up, though the button is blinking. See image below:

I know you’re busy with war-related bug-fighting, so please deal with this at your convenience.

Thanks in advance. ?

Buddy that is not something new.Just wait eight-nine hours and you will see a new gift card and you will be able to collect you daily gift again.


(P.S. I Know you are new to the forum but this issue has been reported by many players in past.So you will likely to get the answer to your questions in some old posts.)

Many thanks, @HOLYDIVINE. The bug got resolved. Perhaps, an FAQ megathread with all these known issues could help stave off such oft-repeated issue logging. ?

Searching for past posts is not an easy task on this Forum. Results yield threads from other forums besides OR. Threads are not well articulated. For e.g., one player asks “Why no gifts for me today?”. This neither tells me if this is an OR thread nor the issue is about the frozen calendar. Screenshots are not included, so it is hard to decipher. 

I circle back to the permanent solution of simplifying this forum structure & contents. Well, hopefully, some day… (SIGH)!