Unable to fight Dreadnought

As I reach the last boat Dreadnough in ninja event, attack button is in silver color, unable to attack. Crossed sword showing 30/30 in red. Pls figure out why it doesn’t let me fight the last fight?

you only get 30 battles in this event…if you lose an island and retry it you will have used the last battle all ready


Did you do repeat a battle?  If you did that’s the reason,  you can’t do last battle,  as there is  a 30 battle limit

Yes, I restart 1 battle to get 3 stars. 1 of my friend said he restart a battle too, but he still get to fight Dreadnought. In that case it seems whoever in that league get there first can fight Dreadnought only. Boy, that would make a lot of none spenders really mad then Flare!

I am not happy bc it’s not fair that not everyone can complete all fights. Spender or not, restart or not!



He either lied to you or was remembering something wrong oO. You only have 30 Attacks. That’s it.

If you are playing on the phone, the phone ring that you have to answer in the middle of the battle, or lost connection then you are gloommy for the whole event? 

Btw loose connection is common during event!

30 attacks only is a stupid idea whoever came up with is not smart. You didn’t give out that information prior to the game start. I attacked one island twice to get the best score and then I was stopped at kraken archipelago and cant go any further and I spent gems to get there faster only to be denied entry. No uber chests not able to finish, just ridiculous, terrible.

Unfortunately Flare games are incapable of disseminating information well.

Its unfortunate as simple things like this makes it fun or just another annoyance due to mismanaging the events and customers.

Yes you will probably get a reply that somehow infers that this should have been known by you?

Its really sad as they  just don’t get it.


Not telling us that is misinformating, this will keep even more people from completing the event. Not fair.


Don’t worry you still get another chance in 2 weeks :wink:

Next time you will know that you will have to at least complete each battle and not repeat any to get to the end.

For me… I’m suck with 24 battles because I’m a perfectionist and I had to repeat 2. This will probably be the difference between 2 ninjas and 3 ninjas. I got over it.

What about if you get disconnected? Happened to me 3 Times during ninja fights. Flare owes me some gems spent to get extra coins and a good night of sleep! This is total BS